*HOT* Gardens Alive: $25 off $50 Coupon – Includes shipping!!

*HOT* Gardens Alive: $25 off $50 Coupon – Includes shipping!!
*HOT* Gardens Alive: $25 off $50 Coupon – Includes shipping!!


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    Bluebird Nestbox

    Tomatoes Alive!<sup/>® Plus 100% All-Natural Fertilizer

    UPDATE: Mine was for $25 off $50.

    Wahoo, some readers are reporting getting a $25 off $25 code again. They always seem to put it out around this time of year.

    Go here to order your catalog from Gardens Alive and you’ll receive a $25 off coupon code (found on the cover of the magazine) that can be used on any purchase! It can be used towards shipping too which means you can score something FREE!

    Gardens Alive is a seed and plant company.

    The Bird House above is just $14.95 + $7.95 so Free after coupon code. Or, you could opt to buy some Vegetable or Flowering products.

    1. Can’t wait to receive the catalogue.

    2. mine is 25 off 50……bummer!

    3. I requested it, thanks!

    4. Where is the coupon? Is it directly on the catalog when received?

    5. Yes the coupon is on the front cover of the catalog. I received mine a couple of days ago but didn’t realize the credit could be used toward shipping. Thanks for posting this, I will definately look through it today to see what I can get for FREE!!!

    6. My copy arrived yesterday. It says “$20 off any purchase of $40 or more.”

    7. I got my 25 off 25 in the mail yesterday, awesome. Can’t wait to order

    8. ye, i think i ehard it is a $25 off $50 coupon. darn!:(

    9. IT should be 25 off 25 on the catalog. So get about 4!7 worth of product and leave the rest to cover shipping

    10. I received the $25 off $25…I think it goes in cycles who gets which coupon. I have had two $25 off $25 in the last year and some other ones along the way 🙂

    11. I got the $25 off $25 in the mail the other day. Is there any way to use it online or do you have to mail it in? Didn’t see any kind of internet code on it.

    12. I got the $25 off $25, but it wouldn’t apply it towards the shipping. It was $9.95 for the shipping when I tried to place the order online.
      Did this happen to anyone else? Do I need to call and order?

    13. Sweet! I hadn’t even looked at mine yet. And it’s $25 off $25. I wonder if these are only if you haven’t ordered from them before. Because I haven’t yet. I sure will now.

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