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I just received this offer in my email and it says everyone gets one!! From what are hearing though is that is seems you need to be under 26 or if you have a teen in your house. 

Head on over and like TeenFreeway on Facebook and to score a Free Summer beauty Kit from TeenFreway which includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, treatment and Luxurious Body Cream.

Just fill out the brief form – HERE, then head on over to the TeenFreeway facebook page and ‘like’ them and on the evening of June 17th, check your facebook home page under messages and then click on the update to score your freebies.

  1. It said I was out of the targeted age range.

  2. I am 40 and it said I was out of the targeted age group

  3. also out of the target age group…And I’m 27….

  4. I am 29 and it said that I was out of the targeted age range as well!

  5. We’re sorry.You are outside of the targeted age group for this offer.Thanks for taking the time to fill out the form! ~~Poo, and I’m 28!!

  6. I assumed that the age in question was not calendar years, but how old you feel in spirit. ;o) (wink, wink!)

  7. You have to be under 26

  8. free summer kit

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