Free Silver Plated Heart Pendant or Earrings

Free Silver Plated Heart Pendant or Earrings
Free Silver Plated Heart Pendant or Earrings


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    FREE Silver Plated Heart Pendant Necklace OR Hoop Earrings From 1SaleADay!  Shipping is Free.

    This will go quick so hurry.

    1. Thanks! nothing beats free!

    2. Thank you

    3. Thank you!!!

    4. Thank you!

    5. Lovely jewlery. I like silver and white gold.

    6. Got one!! thanks for posting

    7. Thank You!

    8. Thank you so much. Can’t beat free!

    9. got it- thanks so much for posting this!

    10. Got mine. Thanks!

    11. I already did this last week, and they came really quickly. Mine, however, were pearl earrings. So you might not get just what is pictures. I actually preferred the pearl ones, so it was fine with me!

    12. Thank you. Got one for myself and told a friend. Love it!

    13. i got it! so thrilled thanks!!

    14. Love it all

    15. Mine came in the mail this past weekend. I got the heart pendant — now stashed away for my teen’s Christmas stocking!

    16. Lol, I signed up for this and they sent me an email saying they’d be sending my free drinking straw xD

    17. Love it! Thanks.

    18. I got the silver loop earrings from 1saleaday and they came to me broken….

    19. Can’t wait to see them in person….

    20. mine never came from the last time, and it says you can’t order them twice….hopefully the first one will actually come. maybe it just takes a while

    21. can’t wait to see what they send me! lol

    22. Dear Mojo,

      I sent for this promotional item 4 weeks ago and still haven’t received it yet. I contacted their support team and was informed that their warehouse has run out, is out of stock of these promotion pieces. Just wanted to let everyone know. Thanks!


    23. I don’t wear fake jewelry…I wear gold, but thanks! This could be a nice gift for somebody! =)

    24. I got my heart necklace today. Thanks for posting the offer mojosavings! I can’t wait for the next one.

    25. I ordered this on 8/22/12. Still have not received. Customer service states they are backed up on orders but nothing said about being out of stock or cancelling this order. I have since made 2 more orders (different items) and have already received those. Don’t have a clue how you can be “backed up” on orders but yet orders made after this date already out the door?

    26. i can’t wait to see it in my door – i hope they still have it ^_^

    27. so i got my necklace last week but there is no clasp to open the chain? help?

    28. Still Waiting. I hope you honor your advertisement.

      Thanks 🙂

    29. Have been reading all of the comments. Not sure if I will ever receive mine. But I will keep watching the mail.

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