Free Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Kit

Free Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Kit
Free Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Kit


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    Here is a HOT deal on Scrubbing Bubbles at Family Dollar!! You can also price match with sales flier in hand and score this at Walmart too!! You may also be able to score this for Free at Walgreens too. Let us know!

    Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Kits on sale – $4
    – $4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles coupon
    = FREE ! 

    1. I found these on clearance at Walmart for $3.97 last Saturday so I got 5 of them for free there.

    2. walmart in burlington, vt won’t let me price match and use a coupon, it’s one or the other
      anyone else had this problem?

      • Well, my local WalMart won’t let me use my coupons at all if they do not scan and last time I went the coupons from the newspaper would not even scan. I have to take the coupon policy and ask to speak to a real manager (not a floor manager)every time. Seems like my local WalMart does not want to deal with couponers at all. I feel like I’m gonna have heart attack everytime I go to check out. I’m not going anymore…which is very sad. I really used to love WalMart until I started couponing. I know not everyone has these issues, I guess it just depends on where you live and the mentality of the people who work at your local Walmart. BUT – if you are not doing anything wrong and are following their coupon policy, do not let them push you around! OK…I’m done with my rant and feel better :O)

    3. Just got back from our local family dollar and picked up 3 took them to the counter handed the coupon s and the lady told me they no longer except coupons for items that it makes the item free she would not take them said if it was 2.00 or 3.00 they would but will not let you leave the store with free items does anyone know anything about this? Thanks

      • They told me the same thing last week when I tried to use this coupon.

      • My Family Dollar is the same way. I learned that when I tried to get renuzit with a 1.00 coupon and they said if it makes the item free that they will not take the coupon. Very frustrating!

    4. no coupon 🙁 help!

    5. got 5 for free yesterday!

    6. Good Luck! Stores have changed their coupon policies now and a lot of things aren’t excepted, you can blame that on the horders who clear the shelves!

    7. I just printed off the coupon and took it to my local Family Dollar and got 2 for FREE.. Thanks for the coupon “)

    8. My Walgreen’s has it for 9.99

    9. Is this a current sale? I looked online @ the Family Dollar sale ad but didn’t see it listed. Could this be regional?

    10. Used the free coupon for this product @ family dollar the cashier had a problem scaning the coupon but some how managed to over ride it. Happy Customer.

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