ExpiredFree Ear Savers for Essential Workers

Free Ear Savers for Essential Workers
Free Ear Savers for Essential Workers


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    Free Ear Savers for Essential Workers

    (As of 27 April 2020, 21:10 PST – Details)

    About this Deal

    Face masks are essential for workers on the front lines. However, wearing them all day can leave you with soar ears from the elastic. Because of that, you can now get these Face Mask Ear Savers for free when you fill-out the form here!

    The Ear Saver is a simple piece of acrylic that removes pressures from the ears, making face masks more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

    Not a worker on the front line? You can help print Ear Savers by signing up here.

    Need more than 5,000 Ear Savers? Email [email protected] and let them know exactly how much you need

    1. This is an awesome post. I hope someone makes a vlog about ear savers for facemasks. This should be on the front page news. I except to see them in stores.

    2. I am sure this saves sore ears and holds masks on better

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