FREE Downloads of Garth Brooks ‘The Chase’ & ‘In Pieces’ Albums!!!

FREE Downloads of Garth Brooks ‘The Chase’ & ‘In Pieces’ Albums!!!
FREE Downloads of Garth Brooks ‘The Chase’ & ‘In Pieces’ Albums!!!


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    Do you LOVE Garth Brooks???

    • Today is your lucky day! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of his famous albums The Chase and In Pieces, you can download BOTH albums for FREE with an Amazon account! That’s right! You get both albums for FREE with an Amazon account. This is a limited time offer, so hurry and download these albums while you can! Garth Brooks has transcended genres and brought to people together for decades. Now he’s giving back to his loyal fans with this amazing offer. If you consider yourself a true Garth Brooks fan, then you can’t pass up this incredible opportunity! Share this with all your friends and family so they can save too! For my mobile readers, this can’t be downloaded in the Amazon mobile shopping app on iOS so please open in your mobile web browser to get both albums.

    The Chase Album

    • This widely acclaimed Garth Brooks album was his 4th album and debuted on 9/14/92. It sold 403,000 copies in just the first week! Talk about a great album. On its debut, the The Chase landed at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and Top Country Albums chart. Certified as a nine times platinum album since that time, making it a legendary album in the music world. Not surprisingly, it also reached #1 on the UK country albums chart and remained in the top ten for months. Brooks talked about this being one of his most personal albums as it was written during a tough time in his life. Many people connected with it due his raw and genuine approach to each song on the album. This album actually turned me onto Garth Brooks and I’ve loved his music every since!

    In Pieces Album

    • His very next album released on 8/31/1993 also reached stardom quickly! Like it’s predecessor, it also debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and the Top Country Albums chart. Following the emotional depth of The Chase, this album is all about having fun and living life. Brooks himself even said he had a lot of fun making this album and loves listening to each song as loud as he can! Personally, I loved this album so much! You could always find it in my cd player blasting it in the car or the house or anywhere I went. By far my favorite Garth Brooks song is The Cowboy Song, so this album has a special place in my heart.

    What are you waiting for???

    • There’s no time to waste! Go and download these amazing albums right away! You can’t beat this amazing price, but it won’t last long! Even though I still have the original cd for each album, I downloaded digital copies again. I just can’t get enough Garth Brooks and want everyone to have a chance to listen to his amazing music! Pass the word along to all your friends and family before this offer ends!

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