Free $200 Swag Goodie Bag From People Magazine! Last Day!

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Free $200 Swag Goodie Bag From People Magazine

Free Swag Goodie Bag worth $200 to the first 100 people each day that click the 4 items on that page. This is valid daily through March 15, and should start/go live at 12:01PM EST each day!!

  1. Yay! I got a great bag last year 🙂

  2. Congrats Andrea! I will be trying tomorrow

  3. I think I won! Here’s the email I received:


    You’re a potential winner of one of our Swag Bags. You will be contacted
    shortly by a member of our Swag Suite team to confirm all details.

    Crossing my fingers!!!

  4. Congratulations, Andrea. You must be Lightening Fast. I have tried for these in the past and when I click the first item, it tells me they are gone. Good for you!!

  5. I happen to be awake at 11:50 pm last night – so I sat on line and tried – I clicked on at 12:01 and it said they were already gone – I’m thinking this one is pretty hard to get

    • Wouldn’t 12PM mean noon not midnight? midnight would be 12AM wouldn’t it? Regardless, this is extremely hard to get. I’ve tried more than once at 12 noon on the dot and for 10 minutes after and it always says they are already claimed. I don’t now how they can be gone in 5 seconds.

  6. I’m so confused on how this works.

  7. @ the people that won: which screen do you have ready at 12:01? Where you can start bagging -or- the beginning screen?

  8. i cant figure out how to bad the items

  9. I am not fast enough for this one! It goes really quick!:-)

  10. I’ve been trying and am online at 12:00 noon, and it continually says they have been given away already…is something wrong with the website?..either that or they go extremely fast.

  11. I got one today!

    • Congratulations, Jen. Any suggestions for those of us who have never even been fast enough to bag one item? Please??

  12. I actually bagged all my gifts today, but hadn’t signed in, by the time I signed in they were all gone 🙁

  13. what screen do you go to for this?

  14. I just bagged all my gifts – did not get the “their gone” screen – got nothin….I’m wondering if anybody ever really wins this one…

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