FREE $1.29 Amazon MP3 Credit!

FREE $1.29 Amazon MP3 Credit!
FREE $1.29 Amazon MP3 Credit!


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    UPDATE: We’ve got codes! So tweet us your fav song today! Follow & tweet us with #PepsiMusicNOW  (US Only)

    Get a FREE  $1.29 Amazon MP3 Credit when you follow @Pepsi on Twitter and tweet using #PepsiMusicNOW.  They will Direct Message you with a code.

    Once you get your code, GO HERE FREE $2 Amazon MP3 Credit with Pepsi Twitter! to redeem your $1.29 Amazon MP3 Credit.

    **This is working again!

    1. They messaged me and said they are out of codes. 🙁

    2. Should be working again now. Check security setting and make make sure that your tweets aren’t private.

    3. When do the credits expire?

    4. Oops, just found the answer to my own question — Jan. 31, 2013!

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