Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Drill Sharpener

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Drill Sharpener
Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Drill Sharpener


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    Drill Doctor Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Drill Sharpener

    When you are out there in the market trying to look out for a drill sharpener like the Drill doctor 500x vs 750x there are certain factors that should influence what you will take home as your sharpener.

    A drill sharpener is a very specialized tool meant for a very specialized job. This means that, before you settle for one, you will need to understand its features, so that you make a choice that is informed and get the best sharpener for your drilling machine.

    Below are some of the factors that might be important to consider:

    • Size: When talking about drill sharpeners, size is very important to consider. This refers to the size of the sharpener as in how small or big it is, and whether it will have the right space to do its job. In most instances, drill sharpeners are compact.  What the sharpener can handle is also important and it refers to a larger bit holder and the stone for grinding.

    You have to know that the drill sharpeners are designed for a certain drill size, so anything that is over the size might not work well for you. What you should do is to know the range size of your drill and then search for the size of the sharpener that will work for you.

    • Material: You have to consider the type of material that the sharpener for the drill is made of. This is due to the fact that, while most of the sharpeners in the market will be able to sharpen most drill materials, there are some drill machines that have special finishes or materials of alloys which might pose a problem.

    You will need to ensure that your bits are standard as that is the main key to getting the right sharpener for it. If not, then you will have to look out for a sharpener which is specialized to do the job for you.

    Most sharpeners which are conventional can be able to handle bits that are tin-coated, bits for masonry, cobalt, steel bits, and titanium coated drills.

    • Versatility: The versatility of a bit sharpener refers to the various types of bits that it can comfortably sharpen. There are some sharpeners that can work automatically while being limited to a specific bit type. But there are those sharpeners that have the capacity to sharpen a variety of bits. Most of the bit sharpeners in the market have the capacity to sharpen twist drill bits, but in case you are looking out for a sharpener to sharpen a spade bit, then you will require a sharpener that is versatile. A tool that is more versatile might be more valuable in whatever situation you find yourself in but you should be ready to spend more while purchasing such.
    • Ease of use: When you get a specialized drill sharpener, it will ensure that you get your job done in the shortest time possible and in a manner that is very perfect. If you decide to do the sharpening with a bench and jig grinder, you will get varied results depending on the type of skills you have, and be ready to take more time for the sharpening to happen.

    When considering this factor, it will depend on you as an individual as in to know how patient you are and how much time you are ready to spend in sharpening your bit. If you think you don’t have all that time, then it will be best to go for the automated sharpener for your bit.

    • Grinding stone: The quality of your grinding stone will enable you to know how long it is going to last while its grit will tell you how abrasive or sharp it is going to be. You will need to have a stone that has a grit of over 100 and if you have the capacity, get diamond grinding wheels as most customers tend to review them positively.
    • Warranty and brand: When you purchase an item from a brand that is well known, it gives you that peace of mind knowing that, it might just work right for you. With drill bit sharpeners, the brands which are well known in the market are the Drill Doctor, but there are other brands that you can compare and contrast in terms of specialized and standard bit sharpeners.

    When it comes to warranties, it is best to consider buying a brand that has a good warranty. So when you are out there purchasing a bit sharpener, get one that has a longer warranty in order to cushion yourself against any eventualities that might happen after making your purchase.

    Anything is possible and thus, it is best to be safe than sorry when purchasing whatever you are buying. To save on budget do checkout latest deals we find for our valuable readers at mojo savings.

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