Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Diffuser, Humidifier and Aromatherapy (10ml) $5.79 (REG $12.99)

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    Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Diffuser, Humidifier and Aromatherapy (10ml) – 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade is now available at for just $5.79 (REG $12.99) (As of 26 February 2020, 21:19 PST – Details) with $7.20 (55%)Savings. 

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    • [FRESH & COOLING] Lean against a brisk breeze as the aroma of fresh eucalyptus softly flows & fills the senses.
    • [INSPIRE CLARITY] Invigorate the mind as a cooling touch renews focus & restores mental clarity.





    • [DEEPLY CLEANSE] Eucalyptus oil gently cleanses & purifies to leave the skin radiating with renewed beauty. “
    • [REFRESHING BREEZE] Feel the embrace of exhilarating breeze that reinvigorates breathing by using eucalyptus oil for diffuser.
    • Our Eucalyptus essential oil for diffuser usage is perfect for aromatherapy and for use within a topical oil blend.

    Product Description
    lavender peppermint jojoba
    Lavender Essential Oil Peppermint Essential Oil Jojoba Carrier Oil
    Blends To Create A calming topical oil that deeply cleanses while moisturizing the skin An invigorating topical oil that cleanses as it improves the health of hair A nourishing body oil that cleanses away impurities while moisturizing the skin
    When Used Alone Elicits peace of mind & assists in falling asleep Nourishes to help strengthen & smooth hair Moisturizes while smoothing away fine lines & wrinkles
    Available Size 10ml; 0.34 fl oz 10ml; 0.34 fl oz 100ml; 3.4 fl oz
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