ER Emergency Ready 6E 5 Hour Emergency Candles, 5-Pack $6.29 (REG $12.26)


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    ER Emergency Ready 6E 5 Hour Emergency Candles, 5-Pack is now available at for just $6.29 (REG $12.26) (As of 30 July 2019, 12:36 PST – Details) with $5.97 (49%)Savings.

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    ER Emergency Ready Candles provide both emergency lighting and warmth following a power-outage.  Each candles burns brightly for up to 5 hours. Don’t get caught in the dark without them! Does not include candle holder.

    • Perfect for any camping or emergency situation
    • Candles provide both emergency lighting and warmth following a power-outage
    • Pack of 5 candles

    About Quake Kare | Lighthouse for the Blind

    Quake Kare is a leading supplier of ER Emergency Ready branded disaster preparedness kits and emergency supplies for the home, office, classroom or vehicle. Since 1982, Quake Kare’s mission has been to provide top quality, comprehensive emergency kits and supplies for all disasters at competitive prices to make families, companies, schools and communities safer. Quake Kare began as a small women-owned business founded in Moorepark, CA. Former owner/CEO, Sherry Heitz, established Quake Kare as an outlet for families and businesses to purchase prepackaged, comprehensive survival kits in earthquake country. The company has since grown to be one of the industry leader in disaster preparedness products supplying all types of disaster preparedness kits and supplies to families, schools/universities, corporations and municipalities across the U.S. and internationally.

    In 2014 Quake Kare’s assets were purchased by the Lighthouse for the Blind, a non-profit headquartered in St. Louis, MO whose mission is to provide employment opportunities and support programs to adults and children who are legally blind. The Lighthouse staff remains dedicated to Quake Kare’s principle of providing quality, comprehensive emergency preparedness supplies for all disasters and locations at affordable prices. Quake Kare’s line of preparedness kits are currently assembled with pride in St. Louis, MO by employees who are legally blind.

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