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DIY: Save on Your Energy Bill

DIY: Save on Your Energy Bill
DIY: Save on Your Energy Bill


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    The following is a guest post from Kristina Ross, blogger at SaveOnEnergy.com.

    DIY: Save on Your Energy Bill

    Tinkering with your finances is a delicate process. There are no decidedly right or wrong answers about how you spread your money, provided you’re staying out of debt and paying your taxes. At any rate, it never hurts to have a little more disposable income for some of life’s pleasantries. Whether that means treating yourself to a nice dinner or some new clothes, you don’t want to lose out because you’re squeezing yourself against the borders of your budget.

    Believe it or not, one of the best ways to ensure some financial flexibility is through your electric bill. You have the opportunity to manage your household energy consumption, so why not take advantage of it? Manage your usage with precision, and you’ll be astounded at the savings. You need to choose your provider also wisely. If you find your current provider is charging you high rates, you can switch energy with Simply Switch. Here are three easy ways to get the process started:

    1. Air dry. Whether it’s your dishes, your clothing or your hair, high-heat dryers are some of the most energy-consuming appliances that homeowners use on a daily basis. Scale back their runtime and you’ll shave down your energy bill almost immediately. It’ll take a little extra effort on your end to hang up your clothes, air out the dishes, or wait around for your hair to dry naturally, but it’s all well worth it. Start small – maybe you skip the dryer every third or fourth time – and then gradually work yourself into a more efficient cycle.

    2. Audit your lights. This is an easy one; if you still have incandescent bulbs installed across all your light fixtures, look into switching them out for CFLs or LEDs. Both of these types of bulbs are far more efficient than traditional models and you can find them at many stores for a reasonable price. Some utility companies will even give them out for free!

    3. Switch to an electric supplier. If you’re part of a deregulated energy market, you have more options for your service than just what’s provided by your local utility company. In these regions of the country, you can sign up with an independent electric supplier. These suppliers are great for consumers because of their sheer numbers. There are so many suppliers out there; they have to find a way to distinguish themselves from their competition, which means more competitive pricing around the market. Look at what’s available in your area and see if you’re qualified for a better rate than what you’re currently receiving.

    Freeing up your budget takes diligence and a certain level of creativity; there are all types of ways to save with just your energy bill alone. Take these three options to heart, but don’t confine yourself to them. Keep an open eye and it’ll work in favor of your finances.


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    1. Switch to an electric supplier: Yes, I agree you can save some $$ on just doing that. You better check the website what companies participate in your state, their rates (fixed, variable) and cancel fees. Many of the companies now impose the fee if you cancel early. So watch out for that.

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