DIY: 80+ Easy to Make Toys

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DIY Toys


DIY: 80+ Easy to Make Toys

I admit it- my son has more toys than he really needs.  I find myself purging his toyboxes and donating bags full when he is at school.  The reason? He doesn’t play with half of them, and he likes to “make” his own out of random things he finds around the house.
This website offers 80+ DIY toy ideas that are easy to make and are sure to keep your children busy.  And the bonus is that the kids can help you make them-boosting their creativity and their sense of accomplishment.

These are just a few ideas you will find:

  • Balloon Playhouse
  • Shape Sorter
  • Miniature Soccer Game
  • Soda Bottle Rocket
  • Cardboard Cubby House
  • Sensory Table

80+ DIY Toys to Make

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