DEUTER NEO BELT 2 $13.41 (REG $25.61)

$13.41 $25.61
DEUTER NEO BELT 2 $13.41 (REG $25.61)
DEUTER NEO BELT 2 $13.41 (REG $25.61)
$13.41 $25.61


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    DEUTER NEO BELT 2 is now available at for just $13.41 (REG $25.61) (As of 04 May 2020, 10:45 PST – Details) with $12.20 48%(Savings) 

    Deuter Neo Belt 2

    Easy Storage When Out and About

    Stylish on the beach, in the city or out running, these lightweight neoprene hip bags will go everywhere and mould themselves to your body.

    The Deuter Neo Belt II is the practical and lightweight way to store essential items whether out running, on holiday or just heading into town. The bag moulds itself to your body making it both comfortable and secure. The Deuter Neo Belt II features a zipped main compartment, two mesh inner pockets and a cable duct for headphones. There is a key hook on the bag and also an extra zipped pocket on the front. The 3M reflective print of the Deuter Neo Belt II keeps you safer at night and keeps all your essential items within arms reach. It is the perfect bag for day-to-day use.

    The Neo Belt Neoprene Construction

    Neoprene is a family of synthetic rubbers that are produced by polymerization of chloroprene. It is usually covered on both sides with fabric (nylon or lycra), protecting the surface making it less prone to damage. Neoprene was one of the first synthetic rubbers to be developed and has been incorporated into numerous products popular in daily life, from wetsuits to protective gear.

    Deuter use neoprene hip belts on our Ski Backpacks Freerider and Descentor allowing a snug fit. Furthermore, neoprene is well suited for its flexibility, shock-protection applications and provides excellent insulation against cold, used in our Neo belts, camera case and insulation tube.

    About Deuter

    Deuter is a German brand of sport packs, bags, for hiking, trekking, snow sports and others. The company was founded by Hans Deuter in Augsburg-Oberhausen. At the turn of the 20th century, the company supplied the Bavarian Royal Mail with mailbags and post sacks. Deuter is a founding member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association. EOCA is a non-profit organization of the European outdoor industry, which supports nature conservation projects around the world.

    Manufacturer Code: DEU390507410


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