CVS: Free Hershey’s Air Delight Bar Plus Extra $.50 ECB

CVS: Free Hershey’s Air Delight Bar Plus Extra $.50 ECB
CVS: Free Hershey’s Air Delight Bar Plus Extra $.50 ECB


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    Christinia left a message on our Facebook stating that the magic coupon machine at CVS printed a coupon for a FREE Hershey’s Air Delight Standard Bar  and $0.50 extra ECB when you scan your CVS card today! Don’t you love getting paid to take things out of a store?

    1. I got one too, but mine expires 7/4/11. woo-hoo

    2. The coupon machine also gave me a $1.50 off any gillette series or old spice body wash. So if you combine it with the $1 off gillette coupon in the paper you get it for .50 or combine it with the buy one old spice body wash get one old spice body spray free then you would get both for $1.50

      • Actually you can get 2 for 50 cents by doing this:

        Gillette Body Wash (12-18 oz) $3
        Coupon: BOGO Gillette Body Wash in 6/5 P&G PLUS $1/1 Gillette Body Wash in 7/3 P&G PLUS $1.50 CRT store coupon
        Final Price: 25¢ each (use BOGO first, then $1 manuf and store coupon last)

    3. The 50 cent ECB was most likly her spring spending ECB she earned… not everyone will get that

    4. Yeah, the extra bucks were her quarterly spending earnings.

    5. I think it was the quarterly, I got $0.50 and my friend got $1.00 and scanned right after me

    6. I actually got a dollar ECB AND a coupon for the candy bar this morning! 🙂

    7. I got a .50 ECB this AM too… and a free bar of this candy. However the clerk said they don’t have any in stock and allowed me to PICK any candy bar up to 1.19 instead…. so I did (smile).

    8. Got mine 🙂

    9. Got mine 🙂

    10. I wanted to try the Air Delights so bad! But of course my CVS was already sold out so they kindly let me choose another candy bar. 🙂

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