Crate and Barrel: Register and Receive Free Gifts


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    Snag some free gifts from Crate & Barrel when you register here.

    Follow the instructions on these forms. You have to make a registry, add items to it that the forms specify, and mail in the form. No purchase is necessary.

    Registry Bonus Gifts:

    •  All-Clad® Custom French Skillet
    •  All-Clad® Measuring Cups
    • Complimentary Subscription to Lucky Peach
    • Calphalon® Santoku Cutlery Gift
    • Calphalon® Griddle Gift
    • And more!
    1. It looks like some of the free items if you put a certain amount of required product AND have it be fulfilled on your registry. I think only the measuring cups and The santouku set don’t require registry list fulfillment.

    2. I think it states that you do have to receive a certain dollar amount in gifts from the registry.

    3. NOT FREE!!!!!

    4. proof of registry is required

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