Coldwater Creek: Free Necklace, Placemats, Jewelry Polishing Cloth….

Coldwater Creek: Free Necklace, Placemats, Jewelry Polishing Cloth….
Coldwater Creek: Free Necklace, Placemats, Jewelry Polishing Cloth….


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    Coldwater Creek: Free Necklace, Placemats, Jewelry Polishing Cloth….

    Just enter your email on the bottom right and register and you get a $5 coupon code in your email. There are several items for under $5 that you can  score for FREE!!! There are three different necklaces that you can get herehere, or here or a Jewelry Polishing Cloth  or Placemat – HERE or HERE. You can also get a Mixed Stone Bracelet for just $.49. There are a variety of others items you could get for near FREE too!!

    Make sure to click on the small box to indicate size. When you check out make sure you enter coupon code: WFH5422 to get free shipping.  Enter the free shipping code into the “offer” slot and the $5 code into the coupon place.

    Did you find anything else under $5? Leave a comment and let others know!!

    1. I was able to get the scarf so thank you!

    2. sounds good to me

    3. The scarves are 6.99. At least on the link you provided for the Scarf.
      Still only 1.99 after the new 5.00 coupon and the Free Ship.

    4. I got two of the seeded necklaces for free. Thanks!

    5. I bought the Deep Violet Crinkled Gauze Scarf.

    6. Got a scarf thank you!

    7. Got the earrings! Thanks!

    8. LOVE IT!!

    9. Got a scarf! thanks!
      Make sure you enter the free shipping code in the first page as “offer” amd then your $5 off code at the end as coupon

    10. Thank you so much…I was able to get a scarf for myself….Great Deal! FREE!

    11. I picked out a pretty scarf. Had to pay $2.00 b/c I went over the $5 but it’s worth it.

    12. All I get are error codes:
      An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

      🙁 I’ll try again later.

    13. Got it!!! thanks!

    14. I need help I received the email. but unsure of how to enter the code.

    15. I got a scarf & necklace for only $1.40! Thanks!!

    16. love them

    17. is anyone else getting a ERROR message when they try to get the $5.00 email sent??

    18. THANKS!! I got these earrings for $0.44! Great for LSU games! 🙂

    19. Reply
      Amanda Mollenhour
      June 10, 2012 at 1:52 pm

      Got this cardigan for just $4.99. Love a good cardigan! It is helpful to note that you have to put the free shipping code into the “offer” slot and the $5 code into the coupon place. Took me a minute to figure that out!

    20. YAY, got the free scarf! Thanks so much. I tried to get the coffee mug that Dev linked, but after taxes it was NOT totally free. It costs 30 cents! LOL

    21. Got two of the seed necklaces, great deal. Also went thru ebates for 2%, not much but every bit helps! Thanks so much for posting this!!

    22. I got a beautiful scarf, but not one of the plain ones. It was still free- listed in the outlet section. Thanks for the great freebie!

    23. There’s a pretty bracelet you can get for $.29 after the code:

      also don’t forget to go through ebates, shop at home, etc to get some $ back too!

    24. Thanks!! Got a Layer Tank for $1.41 shipped

    25. Thanks for explaining offer/coupon instructions. I bought a lovely ombré scarf for $1.99 after 30 pct off, free shipping and $5 off. My kind of deal. 🙂

    26. It says I am already signed up. guess I can’t get the $5?

    27. I have everything except the email code for the $5.00 off. It’s been an hour since I entered my email address and haven’t gotten a return email yet. It’s not in my spam folder either 🙁 Boo!
      Any ideas anyone??? Thanks!

    28. Has anyone else not received their email with the $5 code yet? I signed up a couple hours ago & still have not received an email.

    29. signed up last night, still no email

    30. Thanks so much. I did this deal and have already received my items! All for free!! AMAZING!
      I LOVE your site.
      Thanks again!

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