Clorox 30577 Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Wipe (150 Count) $11.19 (REG $24.38)

Clorox 30577 Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Wipe (150 Count) $11.19 (REG $24.38)
Clorox 30577 Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Wipe (150 Count) $11.19 (REG $24.38)


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    Clorox 30577 Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Wipe (150 Count) is now available at for just $11.19 (REG $24.38) (As of 12 July 2019, 19:11 PST – Details) with $13.19 (54%) Savings.

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    About the product:

    Size: 150 Count

    • Fastest: EPA-registered to kill C, difficile spores in 3 minutes.
    • Proven: reduces the transmission of C, difficile spores, supported by clinical studies.
    • Recommended: meets CDC, SHEA and APIC recommendations for killing C, difficile spores.
    • Results: when used as part of a bundled disinfecting program for one year, a leading US hospital reported saving up to $203,000 in costs associated with treating C, difficile infections.
    • Clorox healthcare bleach germicidal wipes can be used almost anywhere to clean and disinfect hard, nonporous hospital surfaces.

    Clorox 30577 Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Wipe (150 Count)

    Size:150 Count
    Fast, broad spectrum efficacy on 51 microorganisms in 3 minutes or less. 30 Second kill times on 30 bacteria. 30 Seconds to 1 minute on 14 viruses. 3 Minutes on C. difficile spores, TB and fungi. Clorox understands that bleach’s odor can be irritating to some people. Our wipes are made with a proprietary odor-masking formula to create a slight bleach scent that is comfortable for patients and staff. Applications: use with confidence on medical equipment surfaces. Clorox healthcare bleach germicidal wipes contain a corrosion inhibitor and have been tested for compatibility with most hospital grade surfaces, including: stainless steel, plastic, glazed ceramic, glass, porcelain, Ideal for surfaces such as: glucometers, EKG/EEG leads, stethoscopes, ultrasound equipment, digital tablets, oximeters, IV poles and pumps, keyboards/mice, telephones, blood pressure monitors, other similar handheld devices. A simple 3 step disinfection protocol for small surfaces and medical equipment. Avoid contact with: fabric, wood, natural rubber, painted and paper surfaces. Helpful tips: If visible residue is noticed, it can be easily removed with a clean, damp cloth. Sanitize hands when finished. If gross filth is present on surfaces, remove first with a germicidal wipe, then follow up with another wipe to disinfect. Do not use on silver or chipped enamel. Consult the product label and your product manufacturer’s guidelines if you have questions on specific surfaces. Clean and disinfect patient rooms, coated mattress covers, bed areas, counters, ledges, sills, bathroom and shower fixtures. Perform hand hygiene using Clorox Hand Sanitizer, then put on gloves and protective eyewear. After removing trash and can liner, use Clorox healthcare bleach germicidal wipes to wipe all surfaces of the waste container. Allow items to air dry.

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