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Chill Girls Day out Ideas

Sydney is a spectacular city with mesmerizing sights painted by a clear view of the ocean. The city evolves throughout the day: in the morning, you will find people hustling to get to work and school. In the afternoon, groups of friends hit some of the area’s go-to food spots. And at night, the city’s after-dark culture blossoms with neon lights and disco bars.

You will never run out of things to do in a city that bustles like Sydney. However, if all you want is to spend a weekend relaxing with your favourite people, then consider sneaking in a couple of laid-back get-togethers. From yoga classes to a Spa weekend Sydney, here are some fun ideas for a chill girls’ day out.

Go On a Ferry Trip

If you are looking for a fresh intake of sights, fresh air, and a vacation-like experience packed into a couple of hours, then take to Sydney’s gorgeous harbours and ride a ferry. While a weekend may not be enough to head to the beach and experience its wonders, you can surely see the city from the ocean’s perspective with a 4-hour ferry from one harbour to another. It is a relaxing experience heightened by the tranquil blue water, exotic marine life, and Sydney’s glass and steel vistas. Whether you choose to traverse the Parramatta River, Mosman, Watsons Bay, and a myriad of other ferry routes, you and your friends will leave with the most beautiful views etched into your memories.

Organize a Spa Weekend

Nothing shouts girl power more than a Spa weekend in Sydney. With an entire day dedicated to facials and pampering up, you will return to work on Monday as a renewed and rejuvenated person. The Eastern Suburbs are particularly dense with luxury spas — book a reservation to give each other a special payday treat.

Depending on your dermatological needs, you may want to opt for a purifying, hydrating, or anti-aging treatment. Likewise, if you are a fan of crystal and Ayurvedic healing methods, you and your friends can get facials that rebalance your heart’s Chakra. Consider an acupressure, reflexology, remedial, or realignment massage to relieve stress and body aches. Ayurvedic massages were some of 2019’s most notable personal care trends — if you have not yet experienced one, then jump in on the bandwagon and unite with the universe.

Allot two-thirds of the day to pamper yourselves. While you are at it, nearby or in-house restaurants will also fulfil your gastronomic cravings. After, you and your girlfriends can conquer the bustling streets of Sydney with clear skin and renewed energy.

Enjoy A Yoga Class

Yoga is a relaxing practise that has recently increased in popularity. Even if you do not attend practices regularly, going to a beginners’ class once in a while is also a great workout to sweat and relieve muscle tension. Thousands of yoga studios line Sydney’s streets, so make a reservation early as they tend to get full during the weekends. If you are hanging out with a group of three or more friends, then you will likely qualify for a private group class. Working out is a great way to enjoy each other’s company while feeling good about yourself. It will make up for the cocktails that will follow up at night!

The hustle and bustle of city living can be quite stressful, and keeping up with a wild social life can feel overwhelming. Give yourself time to relax and rejuvenate with your favourite people so that you can approach the next week feeling powerful.

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This post is older than 1 month. Please, read this page keeping its age in your mind.


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