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Spending Money Wisely On Your Home


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    Buying, decorating, and maintaining a home isn’t cheap. A common perception to have a stylish and beautiful home is that you need to break the bank, and this simply isn’t true. In this article I am going to discuss how to spend money wisely on your home.

    Shop Second Hand

    You can purchase high-quality pieces for your home at a fraction of the price when you shop second-hand. There are many online and physical stores that make the purchase easier and a smooth experience. 

    Before purchasing something second-hand, it can be good to do your research and ensure the piece is worth what the sellers are asking for. You can research the brand or manufacturer, materials used, and techniques of manufacturing to understand more about this. If you are buying a second-hand piece, you want to make sure it is worth it and not worth buying a brand new piece instead. Understanding the quality of the piece can also help you to bargain a lower price if you need to.

    Add Greenery To Your Home As Cheaper Decoration

    Plants are a timeless piece of decoration, that you won’t need to worry about going out of fashion. They uplift any space and provide benefits like purifying the air and creating a tranquil space.

    If you are a bad plant parent and find pieces dying on you often, you could look at purchasing faux plants. Faux plants can look realistic, but these are better to purchase in person so you can tell for yourself. Also adding soil to the top of the plant pot used can give a more realistic effect to the piece. This will save you money as it will stop you from killing and having to rebuy new plants for your home.

    Shop Around Online

    The internet has been a gift to savvy shoppers, as it gives you the chance to shop around and find the best deals. Online e-commerce brands often save money by not having a physical store, meaning they can offer better prices on their products.

    I would recommend shopping around online before making any big investment for your home, as there is no worse feeling than regretting your decision at a later date. For example, mid-century designs are a great option for people decorating their homes with a lower budget, the style has been around for many years and is still as fresh today as it was 70 years ago when the designs were first released.

    From the original manufacturers, the designs are being sold from £390 for a single side chair, to £7,860 for an armchair and ottoman set. These prices are out of many people’s budget, but great reproductions are available at a lot lower prices. For example, an Eames RAR Rocking Chairs from an original manufacturer is sold for £540, reproductions of the Eames Rocking Chair are being sold for as little as £49. When you are decorating on a budget, the decision is easy to make.

    Freshen Walls With Paint

    An inexpensive way to keep your home looking fresh, or adding a new dimension to your home, is purchasing a tin of paint and redecorating your walls. You can add designs or accent walls to add something new to your home, or just freshen up the colors you already use. It is amazing how much of a difference this can make to your home.

    Upcycle Pieces Of Furniture That You Dislike

    Once upon a time, you may have loved this piece of furniture, but months or years down the line it doesn’t seem quite to your taste. One thing you could do is sell the piece to make some extra money that you could put towards your budget, or you can try to upcycle the piece to transform it into something you love again.

    For wooden pieces, this could be a simple painting or staining job, for sofas or armchairs it could be reupholstering them, or for a cabinet, it could be adding new textures and details that fit your style. There are endless videos and blogs that help you through the upcycling process. Before starting any job, I would advise you to create a simple mood board of what you want to achieve, and look into how you can go about achieving this new look.

    Invest In Pieces You Use The Most

    Do you always sit on the sofa? Or always hosting dinner parties with friends and family? The best piece of advice I can give is to invest in the pieces you use the most. Whether that piece is your sofa, dining table, or mattress.  These pieces are always important, and this will hopefully save you money in the long term as you don’t need to repurchase these pieces and they can withstand the day-to-day use they are occurring.

    Decorating your home can be an exciting and rewarding process, make the most of it and try and enjoy it. Make sure you are creating an environment that is enjoyable to spend time in, that’s what makes a house a home.

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