ShoesSee Scam Revealed

If you are looking for some soul-draining aggravation then yeah, shop at If you want a company that stands by free returns, shop at Macy’s or Amazon. In a hurry, skip to the product reviews and the return process, some must read information. 

I’ve seen come up many times in Google searches. I’ve browsed their products and boy do they have adorable shoes! But the catch is they aren’t as cheap as I’d like to see even for their sale-priced items. I wondered are these shoes really worth it? Maybe better quality, the best bang for your buck. I decided to bite the bullet and just drop $150 dollars on three pairs and do a whole store review. Here are my findings. .

The website offers shoes/sandals/boots for both women and men. Although they do have a clearance section the cheapest sandals were $16.07 and the price just went up from there. I had specific shoes I needed. So for the ones I was looking for ranged between $41-$55 dollars. For bargain hunters, this isn’t a deal. But perhaps the quality and uniqueness can outweigh the cost. Let’s see if it was worth it. 

 This website has so many shoes to choose from. I decided to stay on the home page and browse all of the inventory. I got to page 50 exhausted. I had roughly 25 other tabs open of shoes I was planning on comparing to narrow down to the final three. I decided to stop at page 50 and just make my final selection and checkout.

ShoesSee Product Review

I purchased three different types of sandals on I was looking for a very specific style. Something that would give me height, comfortable for walking, easy slip on and off (no buckles), and would be durable.  Although there were so many options that seemed to meet that criteria I narrowed it down to these three.   So my review is based on these criteria, in this order: quality, comfort, appearance, customer service & of course cost. One star is allotted for each aspect of what I’m looking for.


Platform Wedge Sandal – Dark Gray
These are not worth the cost! Maybe if I found them at a flea market for $5 I would purchase them for a one-season wear a couple of times and toss kind of shoe.

The cork platform is fake. It’s some kind of material wrapped around the base which you can see the seems of where it connects in real life.

These will not last. Not worth the $41 dollars I spent. 


Plain Round Toe Casual Date Travel Wedge These shoes don’t even make it to the star rating. That’s how bad they are. 

The base of the shoe where your bare foot touches have ridges of some sort. It’s not smooth, like all other shoes I have ever purchased in my life. It’s like standing on little pebbles. Rather than fixing this they just added a piece of vinyl or whatever this fake material is on top, covering over whatever it is underneath. You would not be able to survive a day walking on these. And they call them a Travel Wedge shoe? 

The strap made to go over the top of your foot is way too long. It is secured by velcro, which would make for fast on-off (no buckle). However, this piece of velcro they used looks like they had a toddler cut it out at the factory. It’s all misshapen. 

And again as with the first pair, the platform is made of some fake plastic material wrapped around the base and glued on. It is not real cork. Not what you would expect from a $55.67 pair of shoes. Totally not worth the cost!


Plain Peep Toe Sandals

The final pair. These must’ve been made from the cheapest plastic. Everything is glued together. The straps that go over your foot are way too long and hang off looking idiotic. Huge design flaw.

All three of these shoes are such poor quality if you get caught in a rainstorm or step in a puddle these will fall apart. 

I spent $53.09 not a good buy at all. Maybe I would’ve spent $10 on these. Quality is expected on shoes that cost this much.  

Check Out Process On ShoesSee

Does ShoesSee take PayPal? Yes, they do. I decided to use PayPal for checkout. But first, let me explain how the whole checkout process went. I decided to create an account rather than checking out as a guest. I figured this might save hassles in the future if I need to return items. Creating the account went smooth and I checked out with PayPal. The amount came to $149.89 for three pairs of sandals. I accidentally used my work PayPal account instead of my personal one, oops there was no reversing it at that point! It had gone through. So I frantically looked for an email or phone number on the website. I found a way to contact them at the very bottom of the page. I filled out the required fields to ask if I can change the payment method and click submit. A box came up stating that my submission went in and I will receive a response back within 2-3 days. Not satisfied with that I also sent an email to the email address found at the bottom of the website. The email address I used was [email protected]

I simply stated in the email that I had put the payment through on the wrong PayPal account and I requested to update the payment information. I received a response about 6 hours later. This seemed to be an automated response, or if it wasn’t automated the person did not read what my request was. 

Their response back simply explained it takes 5 to 7 working days to process orders and not to worry they will send me the tracking information so I can monitor my parcel and they appreciate my patience.  

So this wasn’t able to get resolved and the charge was put on my work PayPal, I wasn’t able to update the payment information. But I cannot be too upset with this, as it was my fault, to begin with. 

I did receive my email confirmation for the purchase within the hour. The email contained my order number, and all three products that I had purchased. 

How to Make a Return on ShoesSee?

Be prepared to jump through hoops. You have to email them to request to start a refund. You don’t have the right just to issue the refund on your own.

You need to get their permission first. If you just ship the products back to them without getting their permission you will not be refunded the money. 

They say it’s free returns, but they will do everything they can for you not to make the return. First of all, you will need to ship your product back to China the full cost is on you. What’s free about that? When Amazon or Macy’s advertise free returns that means they give you a pre-paid shipping label for FREE. So for me to ship these back it would cost $73. And only after they receive it and deem it acceptable to provide a refund will you see your money again. 

Before they give you permission to send it back they demand you send photos of everything. I’m not sure why, I’m just thinking of adding another difficult step in for their victims…(I mean customers). 

I stated very clearly I wanted to return all the shoes purchased. They tried to bargain with me to settle for a $48 coupon to their website. I am never ever again purchasing shoes from here, I did not want a coupon to purchase more!

In total it was over 30 emails of back and forth before they drained my soul and I settled for a $60 refund, with me keeping these garbage shoes. Which I will never wear!

My reason to settle on just $60 after I spent $150. The cost would’ve been over $70 for me to ship the items back to China. So even if they received my package and refunded the $150 I’m really only getting back $80. 

After dealing with their shenanigans I really doubted if I would get the refund after shipping the items or if they would claim the package got lost in the mail or something. I would be totally at their mercy and out another $70 dollars. 

Plus with COVID-19 I really didn’t want to risk my life going into the Post Office at this time over $20 difference.

In Summary

How do I really feel about They are vultures preying on unexpecting women looking for a unique fun chic design shoe, they bait you and rape you.

This experience left me completely exhausted and zapped my energy. Every day I was back and forth emailing them. Their website advertises free returns, they do not stand by this. They should let you know upfront you will need to ship to China and the cost is totally on you. 

I’m guessing they don’t care about building a loyal customer base. They just make the one-off sales to their victims and move on to someone else. They do not care about keeping customers. I even mentioned in my email I will not be shopping with them again. They didn’t even try to rectify that.

  1. Great read ! Very comical – and yet, life saving ! The “draining my soul” bit was hilarious, but on a side note, the information was very helpful & I’m glad I found your review because I was literally going to buy 3 sandals for $150 !! Coincidence ? I think not ! So thanks again & I hope you take care !

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so happy this was able to help you & you didn’t have to experience the aggravation I went through! Let me know if you find a cute pair of sandals…I’m still searching! LOL

  2. Reply
    Leticia Guimaraes
    June 23, 2021 at 8:35 am

    It’s exactly what’s been happening with me! The worst site ever!
    My problem started when the free shipping didn’t applied to my order and then I contacted then and they removed one item of the purchase trying to pretend that was the refund of the free shipping and send me the package at this time I have required the full cancellation of the purchase but they just ignored me so I receive the package and submitted a return for refund to the whole purchase by email but never got a answer

    • Oh, I’m so sorry Leticia!!! You are absolutely right, simply the worst site ever! I hope it gets resolved for you, keep trying!

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