Mid-Century Interior Trends Still Around Today


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    We are constantly seeing new interior design trends appearing in magazines and on social media. One trend that seems to be staying in style due to popular demand, is the well-known mid-century modern style. The decor originated from the 1950’s design trends that focused on clean lines, various textures and ultimately a timeless decor.

    Mid-Century modern has been popular for many years, and it’s not difficult to see why. Designed to be practical and provide comforts to everyone who sets foot in the space, it focuses on using natural elements and the structure that is already in place.

    Why Has The Mid-Century Inspired So Many Interiors

    During the 1950’s, people started opting for furniture designs with clean lines and an understated look. The outcome was interiors that look timeless and elegant, many interior trends since the mid-century have been inspired by this design motto.

    Design Elements Have Impacted Current Interior Trends

    Working with what is already in your interior, this has inspired industrial interior trends, with both styles exposing brick walls or wooden beams and making use of them rather than concealing them. Utilising industrial materials in your home provides a raw and effortless look, but it is also very durable meaning it will last for years to come.

    Why We Still Use Similar Materials

    Studies have found that being surrounded by materials such as wood, brick, brass and copper can have benefits to your well-being. They have found to aid concentration, spark creativity and reduce stress. Maybe this is why even after 70 years we are still obsessed with mid-century modern interiors.

    An Ultimately Versatile Colour Palette

    A wide and distinctive colour palette means that there is sure to be a colour that fits in with your aesthetic. Mid-Century interiors include pastels, neutrals and rich hues, something suitable for everyone home and taste. This can easily correspond with current colour trends that will be featured.

    What Made The Designs Timeless

    A word to describe all mid-century modern furniture is sleek, look at the famous Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair. Designs use smooth lines and simplistic characteristics, focusing on the finer details. Minimal yet modern designs mean they are an easy way to inject some mid-century style into any interior.

    Prioritising Quality

    Mid-Century furniture was made to last, this meant that pieces were trialled and tested for years to perfect the craftsmanship of the design. High-quality and durable designs, this shouldn’t be a trend but should be expected from furniture companies, pieces should be made to last and ensure quality for pieces in everyone’s home.

    Let Your Personality Shine In Your Home

    With a lot of interior trends featured in the mid-century, still being noticed in today’s interiors, new trends may just be revitalised old ones. Mid-Century modernism is a great way to decorate your interior, it allows your personality to shine through by taking a step back to clean and simple lines, this gives you room to showcase the things you truly love in your home.

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