Just Sold? 5 Tips to Make Moving a Breeze


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    Moving can be a tedious process. There are so many things to take care of before, during and after the move that it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks. The best way to make sure you don’t forget anything is by preparing well in advance. Follow these five tips over the next few weeks, and your move will go off without a hitch!

    1) Make an inventory list of everything you own

    We recommend putting this on paper or using some type of spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Docs. You should also take photos with your phone so that if anything happens during the move, you’ll have proof of what was lost or damaged.

    Make sure to organise your list by room – you should have one master inventory for the entire house.

    Tip: Don’t forget things like small kitchen appliances, pots and pans, cleaning supplies or electronics! You might be surprised how much stuff you own!

    2) Find the right boxes and packing supplies

    Once you’ve made lists of what all you own (include serial numbers or unique characteristics), then get down into the nitty gritty details like finding boxes and packing supplies.

    There are so many different types of boxes available these days for purchase- from small flat rate priority mailers at USPS to large heavy duty cardboard ones via FedEx Office.

    If you’re looking for something more sustainable, try using boxes leftover from the last time you moved (if any), or ask friends and family if they have any that are collecting dust.

    You can also look at stores like Costco to see if they sell moving supplies in bulk packs- this will be much cheaper than buying smaller quantities of packing tape, markers and bubble wrap!

    3) Start packing early and add labels

    Once your lists are made and boxes collected, it’s best to start taping them up about a week before the move so there is less work left during those busy days leading up to departure. When packing each box, label it with its contents on all sides – trust us when we say this will save you some headache later on down the road! Tip: use only one side of the box for labelling purposes!

    Don’t forget to pack all your clothes and linens in large plastic bins with lids – these are very helpful when it comes time to unpack. Label each bin so you know where everything goes immediately after arrival at its new home.

    4) Hire your movers in advance

    While some people wait until they have a full truck before hiring movers, this is not recommended as there may be more belongings than expected once everything has been packed up. It’s best to hire professional help earlier on such as by finding removalists with Muval instead of last minute- that way you’ll avoid having items sitting around outside while waiting for another trip or paying extra because too much was loaded into the first round!

    5) Don’t over pack your supplies

    Just bring enough supplies to get you through the first day or two until everything else arrives. Remember, the goal is to have a smooth move and minimize any stress – not add more! This will help prevent clutter and stress if something doesn’t arrive on time.

    6) Make a note of everything that’s arriving

    This should be done in addition to your inventory lists. It will allow you to know exactly what is coming and when it arrives so there aren’t any surprises!

    Make sure to list the date and time along with a brief description of each item. You can also put down if it’s arriving via plane, train or automobile (or other means)! Taking note of each item will also hope you work out if there is any property depreciation you can claim in the future. 

    You might also want to make a note of any renovations done by the previous owners as you may also be able to claim tax deductions on this.

    If there are any unique items that need unpacking immediately upon arrival, make note of those as well so you don’t forget anything! This will be helpful for both yourself and your movers- no one likes surprises when they show up on moving day!

    Remember: hiring professional help is always beneficial – especially during such busy times like having just moved into a new house. So give these tips some consideration before your next move – we’re confident that doing so will save you plenty of headaches in the future and allow you to focus more on enjoying your new place!

    Avoiding stress is the key to making moving a breeze.

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