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Is Berrylook Legit? | Unbiased Review For Berrylook


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    I’ve browsed Berrylook’s website many times. Even put a few items in the cart on occasion, but never went through with the purchase. I wondered is Berrylook legit. The prices are so good and the pictures are so captivating, I couldn’t resist any longer! Here is my thorough review for Berrylook of the entire experience. 

    First is my review of the two dresses I purchased. Both reviews are very different from one another. If after reading the reviews of the products and want to give BerryLook a shot, read further to see how the entire process went for me. I did have to make a return.

    Review For Berrylook Dresses

    I decided to go ahead and do the review for Berrylook on the two dresses I purchased. They both are a near match in measurements to my bust, waist and hips. Even though both of these dresses have the same measurements listed, one was listed as an XL the other as a L. So keep this in mind. The size may change depending on the dress you are looking at, check your measurements for each product and be honest. This meant I had to order sizes that would seem to large for me. Their sizing is very different from the USA.


    V Neck Flounce Lace Plain Bodycon Dress

    Unfortunately, I can’t give the best review of this product. I ordered an XL and received a 2XL. So the dress was bigger than my body. This was sad because I specifically purchased an item that matched my measurements. In the picture, the dress seemed sophisticated. In real life, it left something to be desired. I didn’t realize it at the time of purchase but the dress has a bow right below the breasts. In real life, this bow just sags and hangs. Looks ridiculous.

    This dress was $26.95. I have gotten much better for my price elsewhere.


    Round Neck Floral Printed Maxi Dress

    I LOVE this dress!!! I am so excited about this. It fits perfectly. The fabric is very thin, so it will be good for a hot summer day. You will need to wear a slip of some sort because it will be see through. The dress is not as long on me as it is in the model. It falls mid-calf on me and I’m 5’1″.

    This dress is 5 Stars! And the price was only $14.95 an excellent buy!

    Is Berrylook.com Legit? Will I shop here again?


    Yes, Berrylook is a legitimate site. I do however have mixed feelings about shopping here again. In the end I did get refunded for their mistake of shipping the wrong item, I had leverage and I used it stating over and over in emails that this was their mistake not mine. I’m not sure if returns made in the future would yield the same results if there was no mistake on their part and it’s simply returning the item because it doesn’t fit or it’s not exactly what I was expecting. I think they would force you to pay for the shipping back to them and if you didn’t want to then it’s your loss. 

    There is definitely room for improvement for this store. It was a frustrating checkout process, a long wait for shipping, while one item fit perfectly the other one was not correct and they do not have easy returns. But in the end, they did refund me for the dress and I got to keep the dress too. Unfortunately, it does not fit. If you decide to shop there let me know how your experience goes. Perhaps if it improves in the future I’ll try it out again. For now, I’m going to cut and run with the one dress I’m happy with.  

    I have compiled my entire shopping experience, dripping with all my emotions to provide an unbiased review is Berrylook legit. It’s funny how emotional a shopping experience can be. It’s always good to find real reviews of stores before actually making an online purchase. Speaking of which you have to look at my review for ShoesSee. It was an epic fail of an experience.

    Berrylook.com Website Review


    A couple of things are a little funny which made me question is Berrylook.com legit. Every product you click on opens a new tab. By the end of my shopping experience, I had 50 tabs open on my browser. 

    I shopped around for dresses. Most of the pictures only showed the front of the dresses. They didn’t model the back of them. So you are buying blind if the dress has a slit in it or not. 

    Each product did have measurements. However, some products offered more measurements than others. For instance, one dress had measurements of the width of the shoulders, bust, hips, and length. Another dress only offered measurements of the bust and waist (not the hips).

    So my review for Berrylook is 3 stars. It definitely needs improvement. 

    Is Berrylook.com Legitimate With Checkout Process


    I like that they have PayPal as an option at checkout. As I mentioned earlier, I wondered is Berrylook.com legit. Accepting payment through PayPal gave me that warm fuzzy feeling you want when giving someone your credit card information.

    I started the checkout process using my regular bank card (accidently).  I wanted to use PayPal. I click the cancel payment option, thinking it would return me to my cart. But it completely cleared my cart with zero items. Well, this is very annoying since I just spent an hour trying to find these two dresses. 

    One of the previous tabs was still open, I clicked on that and it showed there were items in my cart. Once I clicked on the cart it was empty again. This time saying items out of stock. So I had to start the entire purchase all over again. I remembered the dresses I wanted were on page 5 & 6, so I quickly scrolled there and found them. They were not out of stock as I put them in the cart again and quickly started the check out process once again. 

    My total for two dresses came to $41.90 and the ‘super savings’ shipping (as they call it) came to an additional $12.17. I put in all my info and credit card and clicked on make payment. A separate page came up saying congratulations on your payment. No confirmation number. Hey, what’s going on I started to panic, again thinking is Berrylook legitimate or did I just get scammed.

    So I quickly checked my email for a confirmation from Berrylook. No email from Berrylook but I did receive my PayPal email receipt. Okay at least I have something. The merchant name was Orderplus International Limited. Here is the email address [email protected]m. 

    I had never received any confirmation from BerryLook whatsoever. Once again leaving me to wonder is Berrylook legitimate. After all this does not give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Weeks later I had plans to call PayPal to have them reverse the charge but the package showed up that week. 

    Is Berrylook Legit When Making Returns?


    To answer that, you will need to read what happened. I received my two dresses in the mail 27 days after the purchase. One dress was perfect, the other dress was the wrong item sent. I had purchased an XL and was sent a 2XL. So I had to either return this or exchange it for the correct size. 

    The return process is frustrating, to say the least. You have to contact them in order to start a return. Nowhere on their website can you just initiate a return. You can contact them by logging into your account. I did not create an account when checking out. I checked out as a guest so I didn’t think I had an account set up. Apparently, it automatically sets you up. (Perhaps this was where the confirmation was the whole time)

    Here’s what I did. I logged in with my email address and clicked on forgot password. About 10 minutes later Berrylook emailed me to reset the password. I was able to view ‘My Orders’ tab. They give you an option to leave a review on the products purchased but nowhere to return. Hmm this seems fishy, and once again wondering is Berrylook legit. Something I should’ve figured out by this point. 

    There is a tab that says ‘Contact Us’. In there you have to fill out your information, name email, and order number. Then there is a drop-down box that says ‘Subject’. There was an option for ‘Return & Exchange’. This is just idiotic that you have to send a message to make a return.

    I filled it all out and clicked on ‘Submit Ticket’. This was at 10:16AM later that same day at 8:08PM I received an email from Jerome at Berrylook. He first stated his sincerest apologies for the problem and asked that I can email a picture as proof that I received the wrong item. 

    A little strange I thought, but I complied of course. I took a picture of the package which clearly had stated XL on it and the dress tag size which shows it as a 2XL. I attached the file of the photo and emailed it back.

    The next day I receive a response from Bioy Ro saying they are sorry I am not satisfied with my purchase and I can return the item for a full refund. In case this is helpful for anyone here is the return address they gave me: 

    Receiver: Dong Zhingang
    Address: Gate 2, ZhongtangWarehouse, Sanhe Logistics
    Park, Chajiao Avenue, Zhongtang Town
    City: Dongguan State: Guangdong
    Country: China Zip Code: 523000
    Phone Number: 18998655193

    The email correspondence continued. As I wanted to know if I will be refunded for the shipping cost. They responded back to me this time two days later stating they can can only refund the amount of the product. I emailed back this time a week later, after checking out the cost to China. The cost for me would be $17.25. I was still going to go through with the return at this point. Since I was not given any other directions (only an address) on what is required for shipment I emailed back once again. Asking if any paperwork or ticket needed to be included in the return package. This is exactly what I said in my email. 

    “I would like to mention I am not a happy customer. The cost to ship to China is $17.25. I was shipped the wrong item, (wrong size) and now I will be out this cost out of my pocket. I will not be doing business with a company that does this to its customers. I will not shop here again.  Please tell me do I need to enclose any forms with the dress when I return it? 

    Thank you”

    Well I figured, how they respond to that email would once and for all answer my question to, is Berrylook legit? That did get their attention within 24 hours Karen O had replied back on the same email thread. Informing me that my request has been received and their financial department will issue the refund within 15 working days. The entire amount of the dress $26.95 was refunded in my account by the next day!

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