How to Keep Your Baby Busy?


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    Parental care is an everyday responsibility. The presence of kids around the home makes the
    environment lively and fun. A child would hold on to you most of the time. The child can be
    fussy when you take a few steps back.
    There is an emotional connection between the parent and the baby, and that’s why it’s hard to
    step away. Most kids develop fear, discomfort, and become confused when left alone and
    unattended. Sometimes, the child cries after you, trying to get your attention. However, the
    presence of your baby doesn’t prevent you from carrying on your daily activities.
    Knowing what to do to keep your baby busy is crucial to completing your tasks on time. You
    can develop a list of ideas to make the baby stay busy for a long time.

    How Do I Entertain My Baby All Day?

    There are various ways to let your baby stay entertained, whether you’re busy or just want the
    baby to have fun. Entertainment takes boredom away, and much as many parents use toys,
    kids tend to get bored quickly. Below are other ways that entertaining kids make parenting an
    easy task.
    Do Face Time- Your baby loves your face at all times. That’s their favorite toy. The smile on
    your face makes the baby feel entertained. To do this, lay your baby on a coach and speak
    lovely words. Keep it lively so that the baby will process the information even when it doesn't
    make sense.
    Sing baby songs- It’s no doubt that you have a memory of the nursery songs. Sing the songs
    to your baby in multiple melodies and sounds as you keep smiling.
    Play peek-a-boo- This is the most favorite game for kids. Lay your baby on a couch, or a soft
    piece of cloth, then cover your face with a cloth. Uncover your Face and give the baby a big
    Move babies’ seats around- Babies love swings. It’s a fun moment for them. When you let
    your kid sit or sleep for long, they get bored and can start crying. Place the baby on the infant
    seat and move them around the home.

    How Do I Keep My Baby Occupied During Parent’s Meals?

    There is a time for everything, and aside baby care, you need to create time to dine. Most a
    time, if you’re not careful, parenting can make you forget about your next meal. Here are
    ways to keep your baby occupied as you take your meals.
    Memory game- Give your baby fun items such as toys and let your child play with them
    during mealtime. Get the items close to the kid’s eyes, move the items away, and then hand
    back to the baby’s hands.
    Paper and pens- Get a small notebook and a pen to let the baby make drawings. It can keep

    the baby busy for over 30 minutes, and you enjoy your meal. You’ll be surprised to find a
    beautiful illustration of the drawings.
    Turn on some lovely music- Much as a child may not understand the music, they respond
    positively to sound tunes. They quickly recognize the melody.
    Coloring- Children love colors. Various colors make them excited and eager to play around.
    As you dine, get a packet of crayons and plain books and let the baby enjoy the moment.

    How Many Hours A Day Should You Hold Your Baby?

    Babies can sometimes draw your attention most of the time, and you have to abandon your
    chores to attend to them. They’re not manipulative. It’s just that they’re used to your presence
    and wouldn’t want you to let them off your hands.
    Once you start carrying them from the first day of birth, they become positive and sensitive to
    touch. It connects them to the parent, both physically and emotionally. That’s why it’s not
    easy to let them off your hands. The baby does not understand that they can sometimes be
    placed down or sit on the baby seat. But that comes as they grow.
    One of the most enjoyable moments during parenting is holding the baby. Parents need to
    hold their babies as frequently as possible, and the parental bond grows stronger. You can’t
    hold your baby all day long. What you just need to consider is the closeness that holding your
    baby brings. The touch, smell, and physical closeness are what you need to aim for.

    How Soon Can You Take A Newborn Out?

    Parents find it challenging to decide when to introduce their babies to the public for the first
    time. It’s worrisome as some parents do not know the outcome of the exposure and especially
    for new parents. What worries most parents is that the babies do not have a strong immune
    system to resist infections or fight off diseases.
    You can take out your baby right away, but you need to consider safety precautions. Waiting
    for weeks or months doesn’t make any difference if you do not watch out for safety. Feel free
    to take out your baby and let them have sunlight and fresh air.

    Baby care doesn’t need any prior skills to crack it. In most cases, you need to apply common
    sense, follow your instinct, and consider getting professional guidance. Keep in mind that
    your baby’s health comes first. So, much as you keep the baby busy with games, ensure you
    take precautions, use Claro Baby, and watch out as the baby grows through various stages of

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