Best Dog Clothes For New Owners in 2020


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    We love to dress up and show off our personality, and our dogs do, too. There are so many adorable and functional pieces of clothing that it’s hard to know which outfit to pick first.

    Perhaps your little furry friend likes to play dress-up with costumes or tutus. Or maybe you live in a cold climate and rely on the protection of coats and hoodies to keep your puppies safe and warm.

    If you’re unsure how to dress your pooch, you might want to check the reviews over at Pet Life. We’ve also compiled this list of all the best dog clothes for new owners in 2020.

    Consider The Weather

    If you’re experiencing hot weather, then your dog is too. Dressing your ball of fur in thick layers can make things a little too hot for them. You can always go for head-bands or tutus, sometimes less is more, right?

    Dogs are excellent at regulating their body temperature, but some breeds aren’t made for the ice and snow like their husky and malamute counterparts.


    There’s a lot involved with keeping your pets safe and happy. Fortunately, there are a few options for protective clothing.

    Night Safety

    Use collars or sweaters that light up in the dark. Fluorescent stripes or flashing lights ensure that your dog can play in the backyard and be seen. A life jacket is an excellent way to keep your pup safe in and around moving water. These stylish pieces of equipment are necessary in case of an emergency.


    Dogs are almost always on the move, and a fantastic way to keep connected with them is to include them in your favorite sports. It doesn’t get much cuter than a furry friend on a surfboard!

    Luckily, there are plenty of sportswear options available for canines who prioritize fitness. Wetsuits are perfect for dogs who like to swim with their humans. Even jerseys that support your favorite team make for an excellent outfit.


    In some instances, shoes are necessary. In hot areas, the ground absorbs the heat, and then poor doggies burn the pads of their feet while trying to walk on the sidewalk.

    In colder climates, the salt used to melt the snow can be very damaging to your pooch’s paws. Shoes protect them from harmful elements like ice and rocks.


    Not only do sweaters provide heat, but they’re also trendy and cute. They can be made of many materials to provide different amounts of protection from the elements.

    Light sweaters are perfect when there’s a slight chill in the air, whereas thicker varieties protect against rain, snow, and hail. They come in many colors and patterns so you can pick the right fit for your dog.


    Necessary in colder climates, coats protect against the elements and are generally more water-resistant than sweaters. Stylish colors and cuts bring your dog’s personality and playfulness to life.

    Do you and your furry friend enjoy hiking? A coat is a brilliant way to protect against branches that may scratch at them while following you through the brush.

    Just For Fun

    Sometimes your dog just wants to be the belle of the ball! Here are a few clothing ideas to dress them up and make them feel pretty.


    There’s nothing cuter than seeing a dog in a costume. Not only are pet costumes adorable, but they provide laughter and entertainment.

    Imagine seeing your furry friend dressed in a Santa suit for Christmas, it’s cute, right? With so many holidays throughout the year, your pup can have a costume for every occasion.

    You could even create a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day, or a cupid for Valentine’s Day, the list goes on.


    Your fluffy girl deserves to feel like a princess, What better way to make that happen than putting her in tutus and dresses. She’ll be ready for her first day of puppy school with a cute number and some bows on her ears.

    A bit of whimsical fun is all any dog wants, and adorable tutus and ballet slippers can turn any furry companion into a ballerina.

    Formal Wear

    It’s every pet owner’s dream: their four-legged friend delivering the rings to the bride and groom. What’s that he’s wearing? Only the cutest puppy tuxedo in the room! Your handsome boy will be the talk of the room, and he’ll lap it all up.

    From weddings to fun photoshoots, tuxedos and formal wear are must-haves in any canine’s closet.


    All pups want to be comfortable and relaxed. Here are a few clothing ideas to consider for yours.


    Your best friend needs a good pair of pajamas for uninterrupted sleep. Comfortable nightwear is essential for houses that use air conditioning to keep a colder temperature in the evenings.

    There are so many materials used for PJs that even the fanciest of dogs will find something they like. Thicker pajamas are terrific for crate training dogs that have separation anxiety issues as the added weight is beneficial.


    Novelty t-shirts and floral button-downs make for an adorable outfit. Your pup can represent a favorite band with a cute tee, or get ready for vacation with some sunglasses and a funky garment.

    Either way, your furry companion will be the coolest canine in town.

    The Last Word

    The best dog clothes for new owners in 2020 are clothes that allow your pup to shine and keep them safe. The right shoes, sweaters, and pajamas will protect them from the elements, while looking fabulous, too.

    Coats and sportswear allow your four-legged friend the freedom to move around safely while accompanying you on outdoor adventures.

    All of that aside, your pooch will look adorable dressed up in his finest tux or her prettiest tutu. Your dog deserves a great outfit, so why not try out some of these ideas.

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