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    Hello my fellow tea enthusiasts! And, if you’re just starting your tea journey that’s okay too. Wherever you fall in the tea fanatic spectrum, this article should help you. Today I have reviewed a quite nifty little kitchen gadget that is a must-have for any tea lover. Being a tea lover myself, I was thrilled when Buydeem reached out to me and asked if I would like to give my unbiased review of their Electric Tea Kettle. If you prefer a video review of this product, scroll to the end. I have provided a brief video of how the tea maker works and my overall thoughts.

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    Let me give you a little background on my love for tea (you probably can relate). There was a tea shop about 5 minutes from my house I used to go at least once a day and spend about $4 dollars on my one cup of tea. The owner only used loose tea direct from China. Every year she took a trip to China to personally pick out the best quality loose-leaf tea for her customers. She then had every flavor organized into little sample-size canisters across the counter so customers could open and smell them. A lot of the tea experience is also in the smell! 

    The owner knew exactly what temperature to brew each type of tea at and how long to let each tea steep. She would crack me up, if I was just sitting reading a book at the table she would be sure to come over and remind me it’s time to take out my tea.  I always appreciated this reminder because if you do not remove the tea in time the taste will become bitter. So this little shop started my love for tea and all of the variety that comes with it. Never did I think I could brew the perfect cup of tea at home for the fraction of the price.

    Save Money Make Quality Tea At Home

    Buydeem asked me to give a review of the K2423 Electric Tea Maker and I’m so glad they did because this tea maker is going to save so much money doing it at home. This tea maker may be a bit pricy up front but over the course of what I would spend on going out to the tea shop in just a few months, it will pay for itself. This is not a cheaply made unit that will break in a few uses.  

    I also purchase my loose leaf tea online now, which saves a ton of money. I put a couple of links below to my all-time favorites!

    Buydeem Electric Tea Maker K2423 Review

    The initial setup of the tea maker was very quick and easy. This is my first time using an electric tea maker, so I glanced over the instructions to make sure I was doing everything correctly. I really liked the sturdiness of the entire unit. On the carafe itself, it shows it is German quality made. So this will definitely last for years. It also has easy cord storage. The base is lightweight so it will be easy for moving it around when not in use. 

    Right away I noticed on the base itself there are different temperature settings depending on which type of tea you are brewing. This is such an awesome feature to have, takes me right back to the tea shop! The owner used to tell me how important it is to have the right temperature to make that perfect cup of tea! With this feature, there is no guessing as to the temperature. You just push the button and the unit will beep and flash blue when the water is at temperature. 

    You can brew according to the type of tea, or you can brew just hot water. It took about 4 minutes to brew just the hot water. That was filling the carafe to the 750ml line. So this little unit is fast! No time will be wasted with this tea maker. Also, after brewing & even at a rapid boil the bottom of the carafe is cool to the touch. This can be placed on a table with no problems. 

    A couple of other features that I liked was the stainless steel design also that the measurements are both in cups and milliliters. So you do not need a separate measuring cup when adding the water, you can just add it directly to the carafe. 

    My final thoughts on the electric tea maker. The initial cost is a bit pricey, but for what you get and the quality of the unit itself it is well worth it. And after doing the math of the cost of going out and spending $4 dollars a day on a cup of really good tea this will definitely pay for itself in just a few months. So think of it as an investment and in the long run, it will save you money!

    Video Review Buydeem K2423 Tea Maker

    If you are like me and just want to see how a product works, I have provided a short video. Hope this helps!

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    My Rating of The Buydeem Tea Maker

    Definitely it’s a five out of five stars.  Even if I hadn’t received a sample unit to review, I’d be thrilled with this purchase.

    Rating 5/5


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