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7 Simple Haircare Saving Tips Your Stylist Don’t Want You to Know


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    We’ve come up with a few simple strategies for you to save money on your hair care expenses. Nothing here is difficult to accomplish, but it all contributes to you spending less money on your hair and sticking to your budget!

    Making a budget that guarantees you don’t overspend is one of the secrets to saving money. When creating a monthly budget, you must examine your bank statement to determine where all of your funds are spent. Many of you will be surprised to see how much money you spend on hair care. We’re talking about getting your hair trimmed or colored, washing and styling it at home, and regularly purchasing general hair care items. These small purchases may not appear to be significant at the moment, but they quickly pile up.

    Here are a few simple methods to get started saving right immediately.


    1. Allow More Time Between Appointments

    If you can extend the life of your haircut by a few weeks or months, go for it. Yes, removing split ends is necessary to prevent hair damage, but you can save a lot of money by missing one or two haircuts every year. Going to the salon every four months instead of the salon’s recommended 6-8 weeks will give you more time to save for the next session.


    2. Use the shampoo sparingly 

    Overuse of shampoo is the most common reason for excessive shampoo spending. What kind of shampoo do you use, and what brand do you use? Most budget shampoo formulas are concentrated enough that you won’t need over a palmful to wash short hair. A nickel-sized drop of shampoo should suffice for women with long hair. Apply it from the top of your head then downwards to avoid using more than necessary. A smaller amount should do for ladies with short hair, while males with short hair can wash their hair with just very few drops of shampoo.


    3. NEVER buy haircare products from the drug store!

    You’re paying entirely too much for the quality of shampoo you’re receiving at the supermarket if you buy it there! So follow this caution if you don’t like squandering money. Here’s why buying hair products at the drugstore isn’t a good idea:

    • Harsh chemicals — Drug store brands include harsh chemicals that might lead to dry scalp and other issues.
    • pH Levels — The pH levels in store-brand products aren’t the same as those in name-brand products. Interesting fact: the pH levels in some drugstore shampoos can even be used to perm your hair! That’s gotta be bad, right?!
    • Gray Market — When you buy hair care products from a grocery store or a drugstore, you are supporting a gray-market economy that specializes in counterfeit, stolen, or outdated goods. That’s not good!


    4. Make it low-maintenance

    Rather than receiving an all-over color that would show your roots, opt for an ombre or balayage color that will require much less maintenance. As your roots mature, they’ll mix in with the rest of your hair, and you won’t notice the telltale line. If you’ve already had an all-over color but want to switch to something more low-maintenance, a root drag is an option. This will give you the balayage effect by pulling down your root shade to meet the rest of your hair. The same is true for haircuts; it’s ideal to avoid blunt, structured styles, as they’ll necessitate more frequent salon visits and, as a result, more money.


    5.  Avoid services in packages that aren’t necessary

    Package packages at salons and spas often include services that you wouldn’t typically purchase. While a facial or massage can be relaxing, if you wouldn’t typically pay for them, you’re not getting a good deal if they’re included in a package.

    If you need multiple services that aren’t included in a package, request a discount from the salon owner or manager, stating that their normal packages don’t fit your needs but that you’d want a discount regardless.


    6. Alternate

    It might be too costly to treat your hair to that $50 deep conditioner (DC) every week. Instead, alternating using a less expensive conditioner as a DC one week and your more expensive DC the following. Cheaper conditioners can often perform as well as more costly conditioners. At the end of the day, it’s the formulation of a product that makes it work for our hair, not the price tag.


    7. Manage stress

    Yes, stress causes hair loss! Stressful situations such as pregnancy, chronic disease, injuries, relationship problems, financial concerns, bad diet, surgery, antidepressant medications, and even jet lag can all cause hair loss. Try these stress-relieving and hair-protecting techniques:

    • Practice relaxing techniques like yoga, meditation, or deep breathing
    • Have a regular exercise 
    • Spend time with people who are positive
    • Seek out the help of a therapist
    • Eat a balanced diet 
    • Eat a balanced diet 

    Be gentle when shampooing, drying, and curling your hair.

    Hair loss caused by stress isn’t always permanent. Seek medical advice about  prescriptions or over-the-counter therapy to promote hair growth if the condition persists.

    Finally, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of finding a skilled stylist, especially if you have really high standards for your hair. Always ask for suggestions from people whose hair you like, and don’t be hesitant to ask for a discount if you’re a first-time customer. Many salons also have referral schemes, where you may get a free or discounted haircut simply by telling your friends about them.


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