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5 Essential Tips For Remote Working Moms Amid COVID Lockdown


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    The COVID-19 outbreak has taken a toll on every one of us, be it the college-going students, interns, freelancers, businessmen, etc. Working mothers are no exception to this situation. Even before this pandemic, being a working mom was like being a superhuman. Handling so many tasks at one time, one must learn multi-tasking from working mothers! But have you thought of their condition now?
    When all the family members are at home, how do the working mothers cope with the new challenges?
    Work-from-home might be enjoyable or satisfying for many, but is it so for the remote working mothers?
    The responsibility of managing the whole family is on their shoulders. Even if some working mothers’ partners might be working remotely, but their children stay at home nowadays, and they also have to finish their daily tasks.
    Or just think of the scenario if their partner or spouse has just lost their job. It’s never an easy ride for them!

    Thus, working moms need to keep the same work efficiency without struggling to feed their children and maintaining the household chores as well. This article will discuss those tricks and tips which a remote working mom can follow and strike a balance between her personal and professional life!

    i) Create A Schedule:

    Maintain the same schedule which you have been following earlier. You can make the required changes if you want. Prepare breakfast and lunch earlier in the morning and then start your work.

    For instance, a mother with three kids; a twelve-year-old, a two-year-old, and one year old, had the following schedule for her children:

    — 8 AM: Wake up.
    — 9 AM: Prepare and eat breakfast.
    — 10 AM: Start working.
    — 12 PM: Prepare and eat lunch.
    — 1 PM: Make children sleep.
    — 4 PM: Feed them some snacks.
    — 5 PM: Wrap up your work.

    Making a schedule will help you remain productive.

    ii) Proper Communication:-

    Attending virtual meetings and numerous calls will be quite new for you. And your kids will surely come and disturb you, cry at the back, etc. But there is no reason to get embarrassed by it. It’s a very normal situation and can happen to anyone.

    If you cannot attend an online meeting due to kids or any other unforeseen reasons, you can communicate it to the authorities without hesitation. They will certainly understand your situation.

    iii) Set Boundaries With Your Children:-

    Explain to your children about the difficulties and these extraordinary times. Allow them to watch TV or play more than usual so that they won’t disturb you.

    Along with this, have a separate room where you can work alone without any intervention from children. You can have a “do-not-disturb” signboard on the door while you are working, or you can have a “thumbs up”, “thumbs down” as a signal when you cannot be interrupted or disturbed!

    iv) Take Breaks:-

    Normally, you will be occupied with a lot of work. At times, you may feel the pressure to submit a task and, at the same time, look after the household chores and your children.

    Therefore, it is recommended that you take some short breaks in between or a small nap. Apart from this, you can also take quick yoga sessions that increase endurance and productivity.

    v) Alternate Shifts With Your Partner:-

    If you and your spouse both work from home, then working in shifts can help you manage this situation much better. You can divide the household duties among each other and work as a team. If this isn’t possible, then only strict planning can help you do the tasks on time.


    This is the time when corporates must support working mothers. They must give the option of flexible working hours so that mothers can manage their household chores as well as professional life. The meetings can be scheduled after having a vote from all the employees. However, planning and scheduling seem to be the only solution to handle the problems. Getting full support from the other family members, especially your partner, would be of great help.
    While working, you also have to take care of everyone’s health because the virus spreads immediately. So, while you lock yourself up in the room for work, ensure that your children don’t go out. Keep a healthy diet and drink water every thirty minutes. Never let your metabolism go down, and if you feel unwell, communicate it to your seniors and ask for a leave.
    Never take your health for granted for work because we can contract the COVID-19 virus very quickly, and all the hospitals are already flooded with patients; hence it will only add up to your misery in these trying times.
    Therefore, keeping in mind your own health and following the above-mentioned advice, you can maintain a proper balance between your work and personal life. We hope that all the companies understand the situation and make the policies better for working mothers.

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