Be a Responsible Couponer And Say No To Extreme Couponing

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The dreaded Extreme Couponing show is coming up again which we highly recommend you ban from your T.V. set.

We just want to remind everyone to please be responsible in your couponing. Sadly, because this show has chosen to go for ratings and highlight the extreme rare couponer, many stores have changed their policies.

While it’s not such a bad thing if it prevents ‘Extreme Couponing and Shelf Clearing’, it has hurt everyday couponers too. Here is a little snippet that just ran on ABC  – ‘Stores Say No To Extreme Couponing’.

Remember, to say NO to the Extreme Couponing show and Extreme Couponers and say YES to Responsible Couponing.

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  1. Christy says

    I totally agree with the video. I like to save money and get good deals, but buying so much of an item is crazy, things do have a shelf life, how do they think it can last so long? the only exception to this is if you are donating to your church or other organization, then it can also benefit someone else.

  2. Spartacus says

    I could not agree more, I think this is why Target treated me like a thief – I purchased $160 and used $26 in coupons (net payment $134) certainly not exteme couponing – but they humiliated me anyway, by dumping my bag after it was rung up and matched every coupon to every item one by one again, with Loss Prevention guard standing over the cashier (I shared this story on this site as a comment on one of your Target deal posts.)That being said, Target still should not treat honest customers this way…

    • connie bolster says

      That is what happened to my daughter-in-law, they were going through all of her coupons and taking things out of the bag. How said is this? I agree with you, they make you feel like you are doing something wrong.

  3. Megan says

    NO! I agree! Extreme couponing has put a damper on those of us who do use coupons responsibly. I use to have fun doing my monthly grocery shopping and saving arund a hundred dollars using couoons (mind you my grocery bills is still over $350 for a month). Now I get dirty looks and cashiers who wish I was not in their lane. I do NOT buy 20 jellies and 40 peanut butters and I only buy the things my family needs, but I will buy a brand I can get a better deal on with a coupon (for most things) or pick up an extra can of soup if the coupon is for $0.50/5. I will absoultely never clear a shelf unless it is the last two and I am buying two. I hate that now if there is a good deal at my Walgreens or CVS I have to be there first thing sunday morning efore I get to read my newspaper of the shelfs are empty! I had to wait 6 weeks for a deal CVS had on a bag of Hershey’s Chocolate for them to restock so I could use my rain check!

  4. Tammy says

    I occasionally find a yard sale devoted entirely to “passing on the savings” from hoarders to anybody who’ll pay 25 cents less than a higher priced store. I’m fuming because those are the people who have ruined it for THOUSANDS of others whose budgets really need help. I can see getting a couple items for your family, but this is taking advantage and wrong. So selfish. Now we all suffer.

  5. says

    I know I’m a minority, but I like the show. I don’t think it reflects the average couponer and it’s fun to watch. It inspired me to learn how to use coupons. That’s how I found my way to this blog that I check out at least twice a day, generally more. Money is really tight in my family and learning to coupon has helped me feed our family. Without the show, I would of probably have never realized that couponing was a real option in helping us get by. I have no problems abiding by the stores limits. No it’s not fun going in for a deal to find they have sold out but if it’s a good deal, I’ll go back again the next day. i still end up with a lot of great deals even if I don’t get to catch every sale item. And I see this as just as much the stores fault as so called extreme coupners. The way people shop is changing and when they run sales that are linked to coupons in the Sunday papers then they should have more stock on hand to supply new demand. Stores need to evolve to accommodate new shopping trends. In the end it means more money for the stores, and more happy customers.

    • connie bolster says

      Sarah, I did like it at first. My thoughts were ” look how many people I can help if I can do this”. However, after watching it and seeing how they clear the shelves and save nothing for anybody else it changed my mind. Also, all the stores changing their coupon policies and making it more difficult for people to coupon, absolutley not. So many people are stuggling and it just makes it harder for them. I no longer watch it.

  6. Nan says

    I totally agree. Most stores limit “like” coupons to 4-6. That’s really enough for anyone. I’ve had a CVS raincheck since April. My coupons expired. So now I’m waiting for more and hopefully they’ll have the item. Good thing their rainchecks don’t expire.

  7. says

    Target are Coupon Nazis since the Extreme Couponing show came out. One of the checkers makes me hand him the coupon to the corresponding item one at a time. Takes me forever to go thru the checkout. It makes me laugh when they make me do separate transactions for each “like” coupon cos it ties the checker up for longer. I’m definitely not watching Extreme Couponing, they have taken a lot of the joy of going to the store with my carefully sorted coupons.

    • chrissy says

      I usually shop target and have been doing so for years with coupons and usually save at least 50% or more and usually never purchase more than 3 or 4 of a like item. Because of this show I recently tried to buy 8 of the cascade trail packs at once and was told I could only buy 1 at a time even though the coupons stated no more than 4 like items per transaction. The cashier who i usually totally avoid because she has an attitude problem, I just went to because I was in a hurry, she reduced the coupon value to $0.97 because that was the price of the item. I ended up paying $0.09 per transaction and only had a debit card and no cash so I did 8 transactions like this, when I told my husband about this he said, do you know how much money all those transactions just cost Target…….
      I just really hate what this show has done to people who spend their TIME gathering coupons to try to save money on the things they truly need!!!

  8. unoduck says

    Extreme couponing is hoarding, plain and simple. People who do it are not be admired or held up as “smart” or “thrifty.” You only need to watch the show once to see that it dominates their lives and their family’s lives. Eg, children living in cramped spaces due to the food hoard, sleeping in bedrooms crammed with shelving units that hold the hoard. It’s sad, and it turns out it is hurting all of us. They also don’t get a “pass” when they donate their food. They don’t coupon to be altruistic. If they wanted a shelter to benefit from their excess, they would donate cash.

  9. Jennifer M says

    I have never watched that show and never will. (well, partly because I don’t watch enough tv to pay for cable. DTV box is just fine for our needs.) I do not condone people clearing out shelves (not special ordering for the show and letting the store know ahead of time) or taking 3 hours to check out! (yes, we have a shopper in our area who does this as well) I buy my groceries when they are on sale with a coupon and hopefully a store coupon as well. This is the only way I can afford to feed my family and pets and I only buy when we need. Now, 16 large boxes of cereal for us may have been a lot, but when we can easily go through 2 boxes a week if not 3, and they last a year, thats one story (and this was over 3 shopping trips and one was with a rain check after everyone else go theirs) but buying 100 of a condiment? These go on sale 2-3 times a year. The MOST any family should need is 4-6 at a time (and we are talking a big family that goes through 1-2 a month). I mean, common sense people! It really has died.

  10. Kim says

    I’m sad that this show has ruined couponing. Is it worth it any more? I happened upon your post from April about selling your stockpile which I can’t see as any different from “clearing shelves”. As someone who sold MK, your readers should know that if you make a profit of more than $400 a year, you must report this to the IRS, and if you don’t, then it IS illelgal. Just an FYI…

  11. Deanna says

    I completely agree and have heard in numerous places the phrase, “I wish this couponing craze would hurry up and end.”

    The more I’ve thought about it though, I almost hold the manufacturers as responsible for the shelf-clearers. In order to create higher value coupons to appeal to consumers, they increase the amount of items you need to buy in order to save. Instead of having a $.25/1 coupon, they have a $1/4. While it’s the same amount to them, how are the retail & grocery stores able to keep up with inventory of the high demand that only affects the coupon items?

    I know there are still those rude shelf-clearers out there, but if the key players, manufacturers and stores would work together, they could get this under control.

  12. Tina says

    I think it is a shame that gluttony ( 1 of the 7 deadly sins) is so glamorized. Some of us out here just want maybe a little better for a little less by couponing or to just make ends meet. Don’t be embarassed or humiliated by using your coupons. Print a copy of store’s coupon policy file it in your coupon organizer and do NOT fear to pull it out and raise a little rebellion. If a clerk is in doubt I will dig in the bag and defiantly show them I am right. Men behind me in line at grocery ask their partners why they don’t coupon when they see what I save. I am not extreme and do not condone it…just don’t mess it up for the rest of us.

  13. jose says

    I HATE TLC, AND EVERYTHING THEY STAND FOR. They RUIN EVERYTHING! That show is so unrealistic, the stores change policies just for that show. It makes me sick to even watch it.

  14. Tracy says

    THANK YOU for posting this!! I have been couponing for more than 30 years and since this show started airing many local stores now treat customers with coupons like criminals! the minute a coupon won’t scan people are digging through your nags and glaring at you. I am unemployed and now need to use coupons but I can’t find many of the items because the extremists wipe out the shelves. . . even if they are donating, they should be considerate of others

  15. Amanda J says

    I have been coupon and deals shopping for years, way before it became popular or extreme. I have been concerned for some time of the results of this new trend for both the honest couponer as well as the companies who are giving out the coupons – is it possible their businesses will suffer at some point from this, and they will discontinue coupon programs? That may be extreme, but in today’s economy, also possible. Moderation is the key, and think long term – it is great to get deals and save money (who doesn’t need to do that!), but not to ruin it for others either by taking more than a family can use/need, or causing problems for the stores, who may then decide not to accept coupons.

  16. Lex says

    I do not agree, not everyone that is extreme couponing is hoarding. For me personally this show gave me the incite I needed so me and my family can have food. And yes, if I get the opportunity to get 5 boxes of cereal for the price of one Im going to do it. Im not buying stuff I dont need, I am trying to make sure that my family gets what they need. The real problem is when people double or triple coupons that say not to be double or tripled. Integrity, says do whats right and if you know it shouldnt be that way then dont do it. I am fine with just a deal but im even better when something is free. This may not have been what companies intended when they gave us coupons but it is surely a big help to me and my family.

  17. Shurik says

    I agree but not 100%. If the coupons are legit, buy and use them as much as possible. If not at same store, travel few miles and go to another one and use your free coupons. But it does not make sense to buy 100’s of can food, it will go bad after experiration date, it taste bad and different.

  18. connie bolster says

    Stocking up on the things you need is one thing, clearing the shelves is another. The way our economy is heading, I don’t think it is a bad thing to stock up, but not clear the shelves so others can’t get the same item. I have a stockpile but nothing to the extend those extreme couponers have. If the purpose of the show was to educate others on how to coupon and save money, great. However, the end results were not the previous statement, the end results were severe coupon policy changes in our stores. I agree with some of the comments regarding ” feeling like a criminal and I am doing something wrong when I use my coupons”. Shame on those who promote this show.

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