Axe Gift Sets $1.24 Each at Walgreens

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Axe Gift Sets

Starting 12/26 you will find select fragrance or personal care gift sets at Walgreens on a 50% off sale. The Axe Gift set priced at $9.99 so it will be only $4.99 with sale.

Using either of the coupons below and you will be able to get the set for just $1.24. Print your coupons now!! The coupon expires December 31st so stock up starting December 26th!

Score this awesome deal at Walgreens starting 12/26

Buy Axe Gift Sets – $4.99 each
Use two $3.75/1 Axe Holiday Pack (SS 12/02/12) Exp. 12/30
or $3.00 off any one (1) Axe holiday pack 
$1.24 EACH!

Thanks, Wild for Wags!

  1. If I’m buying 3, can’t I use 3 $3.75 SS coupons?

  2. Is it just me? Why would you buy 3 & only use 2 coupons, Wouldn’t that make the total different?

  3. Hi I think I’m missing something. If the Axe gift sets will be on sale for $4.99 and you use the $3.00 off coupons (as I do not have the $3.75 coupons from the SS) wouldn’t that make the Axe Gift Sets $1.99 and not $1.24?

    Please tell me what I’m missing.

    Thank you

  4. Has this worked for anyone? My store doesnt have the 50% off and not noted in the ad either

  5. Hello everyoe and Merry Christmas!!I need some help…I called walgreens about these gift sets and they say they have no idea about them going on sale per the manager. Im so upset:( Do you think they will ring up at the register for half off tomorrow? Has anyone noticed that in the ad on my mobil that the ax gift sets have been removed? Thanks for your help:)

    • They are NOT ringing up on sale. They ARE listed in the December 26th addition of the Walgreens Ad. The store should have them. I went to 4 Wags this morning and none of them were ringing up $4.99 but I had my ad just as it is pictured on MOJO and they honored the deal. $1.24 each x 24! Stocked up for next Christmas and birthdays all year round!

    • They were not on sale this morning at my walgreens in ga.

    • Michelle…. Same here. I went yesterday to “ask”, as Houston did not receive a “special” sales Flyer….. No One had a clue what I was talking about….Good Luck, gal.

  6. I went this morning to walgreens and they didn’t ring up half off in the store in Ga:(

  7. all my area walgreens said no, but my fav CVS magr did the deal for me and with ECB’s, I made $1

  8. I went to Walgreens and they did not have them marked down either. I got the 4-day add and showed the manager that these are 50% off according to the picture in the ad. They adjusted the price to $4.99 and I used the $3.75/1 coupon to get it for $1.24 plus tax.

    • They were sold out at our store. Further, we went to get the BOGO on the Arm & Hammer detergent and they didn’t have it on sale or have it in the ad. We had it in our ad though. We had them scan it and got it that way.

  9. Well let me tell you about my adventure dis morning, I had it all planed out got to Walmart at 5 for some led lights, went to lowes (more led lights, head an hour out of my way to a outlets center to drop off the wife, and got to Walgreens right at 9am. At this point I think IM doing real good. Walk inside axe gift set glore!!! So I had 3 of the 3.75 offs. Talked to the associate and he said “if they are in the ad, then they are 50 off” Im thinking to myself Alright!Mega score!Well the manger had a different plan. She said no gave me attitude and walked away. So i left the rest of my thing at the counter and said Ill go around the corner to cvs haha. Well I picked up the wife and then rolled around the mall until around 5 or so. I figure Id try one more time to pled my case, so we walk in and all the gift sets were gone! I was not a happy camper, and either was my wife. So she asked if they had anymore, they walked the store and said “no”, well this one girl went behind the cosmetic counter and found a stash of them, So i figured “ok well now what is gonna be the excuse?” Well the girl behind the counter (new manger) said the other girl was a couponer herself and was trying to hold off along as possible!!!! So all in all just don’t give up show them the ad and tell them to honor it. I even went online and showed them from my phone. I was able to get 3 sets so I was happy already given them away 🙂

    • Lisa and I were astonished. The ad in the store was totally different than the one online. The AXE gift set was there in the online ad but not in store. They also didn’t have any left. The bogo Arm and Hammer laundry was in the online version but not shown in the in store flier nor was it marked in store as bogo. We had to have them scan the product to get the bogo. Sheesh! Walgeens needs to get it together. Very disappointing.

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