AQUA ZOOKA Quick Fill Water Bazooka $5.99 (REG $14.99)

AQUA ZOOKA Quick Fill Water Bazooka $5.99  (REG $14.99)
AQUA ZOOKA Quick Fill Water Bazooka $5.99 (REG $14.99)


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    AQUA ZOOKA Quick Fill Water Bazooka is now available at for just $5.99 (REG $14.99) (As of 06 November 2019, 11:51 PST – Details) with $9.00 (60%)Savings.

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    • Soak your friends with AQUA ZOOKA! This easy to operate, quick filling water bazooka is constructed of high-impact thermoplastics, and will last for seasons of fun.
    • Simply dip AQUA ZOOKA into the water and pull back on the handle to siphon water up into the barrel. You’re ready to fire, with a range of up to 60 feet!
    • AQUA ZOOKAs are equipped with comfortable EVA handles so that you won’t lose your grip, even with wet hands in the heat of battle!
    • The EVA handles also ensure that AQUA ZOOKA will float on top of the water. Doubles as a bilge pump or household siphon!
    • AZ-24 is 24 inches long
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