All the Important Things You Should Know about Swamp Cooler


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There are several types of cooling devices available on the market. They all will keep you cool in summers. If you are not purchasing the right cooling devices according to your requirement, you may end up with several pitfalls in the future. This is the main reason for which it would be best to find the best swamp cooler that will meet your requirement by consuming minimal energy.

You can have a more comfortable hot season by taking into account the factor you’ll find in this article when choosing and buying a cooler.

What Do You Know about Swamp Coolers?

If you wish to find the best portable air cooler, you might want to keep a swamp cooler in mind. It is a type of air cooler that uses water as a cooling agent. The goal is to keep your room cool in summer and it does the job well.

  • Users have to fill the container of the cooler with water.
  • After that, the moisture pads will soak the water.
  • A fan that is inside the cooler makes the moisture evaporate.
  • Finally, the cold air comes out and makes you feel comfortable.

Vital Things to Consider Before Going to Purchase Swamp Cooler

Before choosing and buying a swamp cooler, there are several things to be aware of that can affect how well a device satisfies your preferences. Be careful with your choice as this is a purchase that’s supposed to last for seasons.


There are different types of swamp coolers available on the market distinguished by size. It entirely depends on you, which you should choose for your home. There are some effective lightweight coolers available that can cool the entire room and on the other hand, there are some bigger models available that will work efficiently for bigger halls.

If you want to move the cooler from one room to another, it is important to go smaller. There are also some small coolers available for cars. You can even find one suitable for a camping trip. But bigger isn’t always better. If you only need to chill your personal space, a small cooler is enough.


One of the great things about swamp coolers is that they are quite easy to maintain but this maintenance should be done in a proper interval. Always evaluate the user manual and product details so you don’t miss an important step.

Is It Easy to Clean?

If you go for a swamp cooler with fiber or cellulose pads, chances are bacteria will build upon them. To keep them clean, it is important to go with a mild soap or to spray antimicrobial spray. Apart from that, some companies use patented quality materials in their models and they won’t cause any kind of bacteria to build up in their containers.

The Quality of the Filter

Most of the swamp coolers mainly use fiber and cellulose as their moisture pads. Pads are important because they transmit the cooling moist water through them. Therefore, you should consider their quality before going to purchase them rightly. Cellulose and fiberglass filters are known as organic and therefore, they do need constant cleaning. Dirty filters will reduce air quality. Best portable air coolers always come with quality moisture pads.

Some variations also have carbon filters that are supposed to take away the bad smell. They also need to be cleaned appropriately and they can eagerly go for a longer time.

The Area which is Going to be Cooled

The room or space you are going to cool down is another important thing to consider before purchasing. There are mainly three types of swamp coolers available:

  • For indoor use — bedroom, living room, and for personal use.
  • For outdoor use — garage, patio.
  • For other use — camping and to cool the cars.

If you want that device to cool down your living space or your personal space, see to it that the specifications in product details match your desires.

The Size of the Cooler

Another thing that can influence the model of cooler you go for is energy consumption and the capacity of the device. The measurement reserved for swamp coolers is CFM — the value to calculate the capacity and energy.

Ways to Calculate CFM

CFM means cubic feet per minute. To calculate it, you have to consider the height, width, and length in feet.

  • Cubic Feet = Square footage * Ceiling height
  • CFM = Cubic feet/2

Water Containing Capacity of Swamp Cooler

It is important to know the water-containing capacity of the cooler you are going to buy.

  • If you want to buy for small and medium space, that cooler will need 3 to 7 gallons of water.
  • Coolers that are designed for large spaces, they do require 7 to 12 gallons of water.
  • Coolers for outdoors need 12 to 16 gallons of water.

Some coolers are designed for commercial space; they do usually use 16 or more gallons of water. This is because they do need to cool a larger space compared to others. You can also switch to personal space coolers that need far less water than the medium space ones.


As you can see, there’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing the perfect solution for you. At the very least, you need to measure the amount of area that requires cooling and how much space you have to fit the device. Also, make sure that the quality of filters will allow you to follow up with regular maintenance. Go for the one that’s most effective for your needs and easiest to maintain.

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