Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup – All-in-one Wine Corkscrew and Bottle Opener With Bonus Wine Stopper in a Deluxe Presentation Box is now available at for just $15.95 (REG $31.95) (As of 14 March 2019, 17:40 PST – Details) with $16.00 (50%) Savings.

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  • COMBINING FUNCTION AND STYLE, this sturdy wine bottle opener feels substantial when held in your hand and looks elegant on the table. Professional sommeliers find this type of cork removers foolproof and efficient. Simply place the corkscrew over the bottle, twist the handle to insert the worm into the cork, and watch the opener’s wings rise. Then press the wings down to extract the cork. A coated screw glides smoothly through the cork, and a stopper prevents the screw from breaking the cork.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED HANDLE makes this classic bottle opener and corkscrew comfortable to grasp and effortless to turn, even when you need to use a little more effort than usual to open a stubborn cork. The sturdy and large 3 inch long broad wings require minimal force for pressing down to free the cork from the bottle, allowing you to easily remove any size cork quickly and efficiently.
  • NO NEED TO MANUALLY WRESTLE THE CORK OUT OF THE BOTTLE with our butterfly corkscrew’s polished helix worm that is long enough to easily and fully insert into any length cork, making it easy to extract even the longest corks.
  • MULTIFUNCTION AND CONVENIENT, our corkscrew wine opener pulls double duty as both a beer and wine opener. Using only the finest quality metal and plastic, our wing corkscrews are rust-proof, resistant to staining, require little to no maintenance and are also dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning after use.
  • OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE and always there to assist you with any problems or concerns. Simply contact us and we will be happy to address any of your concerns. Not only is this a great value, but we also stand behind our products with a complete, LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If something breaks or if you don’t absolutely love your new winged corkscrew, we will take it back and offer a replacement or refund, no questions asked. That is part of our 100% LIFETIME CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!!

Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup – All-in-one Wine Corkscrew and Bottle Opener With Bonus Wine Stopper in a Deluxe Presentation Box

Wine openers are not just tools to open wine they are the ceremony who celebrate every moment with the special people in our life.

Whether its a bottle of red or white wine, this manual cork extractor makes opening wine a breeze. The traditional winged corkscrew by HiCoup is designed to easily open corked wine bottles, even for men or women with weak hands or poor grip caused by arthritis.

The HiCoup Wing Corkscrew:

  • Offers a two-inch wide turning knob that is comfortable to grasp and will effortlessly turn to twist the non-stick coated screw into the cork
  • Is designed with a longer body and a bottom collar that easily sits the corkscrew on top of the bottle and prevents the screw from travelling too far and breaking the cork.
  • With a stylish black finish, this wing cork remover features a fancy and sleek modern look and is designed with a polished helix for easy cork insertion and double wing construction for stable and uncompromising leverage.


Beautifully Presented in an Elegant Hardcover Box, Making it Perfect for Gift-giving

Our wing corkscrew and wine stopper set comes in a stunning display box made of recycled materials and inks.

The gift box is gorgeous to look and an absolute delight to receive and gift, making it the perfect gift idea for any wine lover.  It is also an ideal present for family (any possible special day or special person you can think of) and for corporate gifts too.   All lucky recipients will be blown away by the presentation and the contents too.

​The hard-covered presentation box features a felt lined interior that is contoured to fit the corkscrew and wine stopper, making it perfect to store your wine accessories when not in use.

A Foolproof and Efficient Way to Open a Bottle of Wine



We believe that exceptional wine deserves a professional touch, especially when it comes to removing corks. That is why our wing corkscrew features a genuine helix screw that can easily remove any size cork.





Don’t let your opened wine bottle go to waste.

If you love to sip a glass of wine every now and then but rarely finish a bottle, then the high-quality wine stopper included with the wing corkscrew will help you preserve leftover wine.

The wine stopper is easy to insert and remove in a single motion and features a convenient ring that seals the bottle opening and allows for leak absorption to prevent messy spills.

Offers the convenience of a multi-function tool.

While there may be many amazing wines to try, there’s also a world of beer we want to drink, and a lot of it comes in bottles. While you could open these 12-ouncers with a flat surface, a key, or—gasp!—your teeth, we prefer the simplest, least dentally damaging method: the bottle opener.

​That’s why our wine opener also does double duty as a bottle opener, making it a versatile multi-tasking tool that is essential for any home bar.

Looking for convenience, ease of use, and superior performance?

The HiCoup brand stands by the belief that customers deserve a value-added product that exceeds their expectations. And we have achieved that by taking exceptional pride in the quality that goes into every product we manufacture and by providing exceptional after-sale service that few can match.

We take the time and care that’s needed to make sure every product delivers outstanding performance, good looks, ease of use and durability.



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