90% off Halloween Clearance at Target – Costumes, Candy, & More!


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    Halloween Clearance Sale!

    • Rush over to Target for these awesome deals! I went by Target yesterday and found Halloween Clearance 90% off at Target! This included costumes, candy, decorations, and much more! Even though Halloween is over, I grabbed a few dress-up costumes for my kids to enjoy throughout the year and spent practically nothing! I found Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and Kylo Ren costumes for only $3.00/each. We even got a Trolls Princess Poppi costume for my youngest who is obsessed with that movie right now. Not to mention I found Halloween Candy is 70% off, too! This is your chance to load up on candy for a phenomenal price. Hurry over to your local Target and score these great deals before they end!

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