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5 Ways to Save Money on Dog Travel Gear

5 Ways to Save Money on Dog Travel Gear
5 Ways to Save Money on Dog Travel Gear


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    Travelling alone can be expensive enough, but when you take your dog along for the journey it can skyrocket the cost to whole new levels. From special leashes, harnesses, collars, portable food, and water bowls to crates and portable beds, chances are you will find yourself a bit overwhelmed.

    The worst part? The larger the dog, the greater the costs. A travel crate for a German shepherd, for example, costs a lot more than one for a chihuahua! The good news? Your dog probably doesn’t need half of the things on your packing list for Fido.

    Of course, you will need the basics, but you don’t have to buy everything. Follow the tips below to save money on dog travel gear. Then, use that extra money to upgrade your vacation a little and have a wonderful time!

    5 Ways to Save Money on Dog Travel Gear

    • You Don’t Need a Pet Backpack

    This is extremely important. There are a lot of backpacks and slings for small dogs, but in reality, you may never use them. They are pricey and your dog will be more than happy to explore the world with you on a leash, instead of being contained in a backpack.

    If you think a backpack will make it easier to take your dog sightseeing, consider this- if a store or attraction doesn’t allow dogs, they don’t allow dogs. In other words, on a leash or in a backpack, it’s all the same to them.

    • Dog Strollers are Overrated

    Just like pet carriers, dog strollers are something you can go on vacation without. Not only are they absurdly expensive for what they are, but they’re also bulky! So, they’ll take up a lot of space in your luggage (and possibly cost you more in baggage fees). Plus, very few dogs actually like being pushed around in a stroller.

    • You Dog Probably Doesn’t Need Shoes

    Sometimes, before you go on a vacation, you wonder what your dog will need. Shoes are rarely one of those things. They are uncomfortable for dogs, especially if they weren’t taught to use them, so you definitely won’t need them for a vacation. Let your dog explore on his own four paws and just make sure he is comfortable at all times.

    The only time you might want to consider shoes is if you’re planning a trek to someplace with extreme temperatures. For example, if you’re planning to hit the hot pavement in the tropics or the frigid snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas, then yes, shoes or boots might be a good purchase.

    • Dog Car Seats

    How often do you see someone using a dog car seat? Well, it’s not a frequent occurrence. You can just buy a classic dog seatbelt and attach it to his collar for a safe drive. Better yet, use their crate to hold them in the car.

    Sometimes it’s hard for dogs to find a comfortable position and being stuck in that car seat is not good for them. Give them freedom, while still making sure they are completely safe.

    • Portable Doghouses

    A portable doghouse sounds like a good idea in theory. Just pack it in your luggage, then set it up at your destination, right? Honestly, though, they’re a complete waste of your hard-earned money.

    First, if you thought strollers were bulky, try packing an entire doghouse! Second, a crate works just fine, since you won’t be leaving Fido outdoors while on vacation. Remember, it’s going to be a new place for your dog, and he will want to be close to you at all times.

    Dogs may get separation anxiety if they are in a new place and left alone, so keep that in mind. When he has to stay behind at the hotel or your rental home, it’s best for him to stay indoors in the crate. That way, if he manages to escape (even the best crate isn’t totally escape-proof, after all), he won’t get lost in a strange land.

    There are a lot of accessories you can buy, but most of them are just pricey and you probably won’t get to use them anyway. Just use common sense and bring the things your dog absolutely can’t live without, like his crate, his favourite blanket, food, water, and treats.

    If necessary, choose a few other items depending on where you’ll be visiting (such as those boots for a trek up K2). There are many ways to save money on dog travel gear as long as you find a balance! You can also check out Pets Deals at Mojo Savings if you are going to buy anything for them!

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