5 Easy Ways To Woo Your Date!

5 Easy Ways To Woo Your Date!
5 Easy Ways To Woo Your Date!


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    Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly! Whether you’ve known your date for a long time or it’s a more recent development, you probably already have something in the works to impress your date. Despite the increased commercialization of Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to overpay to have a romantic and enjoyable day! Below you’ll find some of our favorite and tested hacks to save on this special day!

    • Discounts – Check your email for promotions from the places you regularly shop. More often than not, you have entered your email for something and are now subscribed to an email list. Take advantage of it and look for coupons!
    • Flowers – Buy Flowers in person and from warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s Club if you can! This is usually significantly cheaper than ordering online. If you do order online, use gift cards and discounts from places like Groupon
    • Food – Services like OpenTable are great for saving a seat at your favorite eatery, but if you are willing to do a little research you can find deals on restaurants in your area with Restaurants.com! I used this to find a nice place we both love for cheaper than normal! Restaurants.com finds specials and deals that are hard to find, so make sure to check it out to avoid overpaying.
    • Stay In – Cook a nice dinner at home! Some may see it has lame and want a special night out, but a night in can be even more romantic. Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary can have much more meaning than going out. Cook a meal you both love or try a new recipe. The best part?  – You can use the money you saved for your next adventure! Check out some of our favorite recipes here!
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