15 Pack ArtWerk Colored Brush Pen [Non-Toxic & Odorless] Markers Set $9.99 (REG $199.99)

15 Pack ArtWerk Colored Brush Pen [Non-Toxic & Odorless] Markers Set $9.99 (REG $199.99)
15 Pack ArtWerk Colored Brush Pen [Non-Toxic & Odorless] Markers Set $9.99 (REG $199.99)


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    15 Pack ArtWerk Colored Brush Pen [Non-Toxic & Odorless] Markers Set – Dual Tips Art Supplies with Flexible Brush Tip – Best for Adult Coloring Books & Sketching – 200% INCREASED VIVIDNESS is now available at Amazon.com for just $9.99 (REG $199.99)(As of 21 April 2020, 15:06 PST – Details) with $190.00 (95%)Savings. FREE Shipping. on orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon. Details & FREE Returns

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    • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR ON THE GO, SET OF 14 COLORS AND 1 BLENDER PEN – looking for artistic markers that’ll help breath some life into your works of art, lettering and patterns? With the Nylea Multi-Pack, you get a total of 15 quality art markers for coloring, available in a variety of 14 colors, plus 1 blender pen. You’ve got the arsenal you truly need to make your art and lettering look as vivid as photos, any time on the go!
    • FLEXIBLE BRUSH TIP (FLEXIBLE NYLON FIBER) AND FINE TIP SO YOU GET THE CALLIGRAPHY YOU WANT – tired of using fake coloring marker pens that don’t deliver the expected results? Go with a top-quality set of pens that feature durable tips which quickly retract to revert to the original shape. This ideally makes these tips perfect for shading, coloring, and blending, delivering fine finishes regardless what you’re working on.
    • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE AND LONG LASTING – MAXIMUM VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY – how about bringing professionalism to your everyday lettering, journaling, illustrations and fine art with Nylea’s durable pens that have flexible nylon fiber brush tips. Each pen creates a medium or bold stroke by adjusting the pressure. What’s more? Each pen is designed to last long so you get maximum value for your money.
    • FINE PENS BUNDLE FOR YOUR JOURNALING, HAND LETTERING, ILLUSTRATIONS, AND FINE ART – if you’re looking for a precision artistic marker that’s designed by artists for artists, you’ll love the Nylea 15-pack dual brush pen set. This pack is a must-have accessory for fine arts techniques, illustrations, doodling, hand lettering, journaling, and more. And that’s not all! You can even use our dual brush marker pens on design animation, full-color graphic novels, and even baby projects!
    • SAFE, NON-TOXIC, ODORLESS PENS WITH FLEXIBLE NYLON FIBER TIP, OR YOUR MONEY BACK – worried about getting your artworkprojects right? With Nylea’s 15-pack dual brush pen set, you get an odorless, unscented pen with non-toxic water-based ink! If for some reason you’re not happy with this product, we’ll make it right and process a refund for you. At Nylea, your satisfaction is a guarantee, not an option. Get your Now!

    Superior Quality Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens:

    Your artwork is valuable. Never settle for anything less than the best dual tip marker pens in the market from Nylea. Now improved for efficiency and convenience, our brush marker pens are smooth and long-lasting. Built by artists for you.

    Power Up your Artworks:

    If you’re looking for the best quality two-sided brush pens to breath some life into your artworks, you can’t get it wrong with the Nylea’s 15-pack pens set, each of which has a fine tip similar to a pentel tip, fine liner or Staedtler. Even better, you get a comprehensive range of 14 colors to choose from – plus 1 colorless blender pen – so you can fine-tune your art according to your liking.

    If you’re an artist or modeler, this is a must have set to add to your arsenal.


    Multipurpose and Convenient:

    Designed by professional artists for use by both novices and pros, our 15 Pack dual side pen set is easy to use regardless your skill level!

    Simply use the fine point tips to make the strokes you need to achieve fine details for your next masterpiece. This is a useful art accessory that can be used with all types of media!

    Why the Nylea Dual-Brush Pens?

    Flexible Brush Tip: – use the flexible brush tip like you’d use a paintbrush for quick coloring and to create both fine and broad strokes.

    Colorless Blender: – with the colorless blender pen, you can easily get a watercolor effect, or simply blend different colors together.

    Fine Tip: – each brush pen has a fine tip on its other end so you can make consistent thin lines. Accomplish better journaling and add colorful details to your work.

    Self-Cleaning: – easily clean both the brush tip and the fine tip on any pen by scrapping on a piece of scrap paper. Once cleaned, the tips quickly restore their originally bright colors.

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