11 Design Ideas for a Small Space in Your Home


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While we would all love a spacious home to stretch out, keep all of our stuff, and simply enjoy, that is not a reality that is possible for all of us. In more expensive metropolitan areas (think New York City), space is at a premium because it simply costs so much to get more of it.

If you are living in a smaller space, don’t worry there are so many different ways to make space bigger than the measurements indicate. There are a few tips that can help make any space feel as though It could fit for two person hot tub when it really couldn’t fit more than a stool.

Follow these tips if you have a small space with little room for error and are looking to make it seem like an expansive area for all to enjoy.

Make Your Dining Table Smaller

In bigger homes, having a bigger dining table makes sense. But when your space is limited, having a big, clunky table just is not ideal. That is why having a small, round table in your eating space can give you a lot of room and a nice, neat aesthetic.

Small, round tables aren’t just for breakfast nooks; they can give you the space you need to move freely throughout your eating space without having to run into anyone who may be in there.

Pocket Doors

A huge issue in smaller spaces can be room for the door to open or close. This can be remedied with pocket doors. When they aren’t being used, they can slide right into the wall to keep the space open and practical.

Also, pocket doors tend to have glass windows in them which allows for much more shared light to flow throughout the space. This means less need for lamps or other space-taking items.

Day Beds

While we would all love a California King to sprawl out in, not every space is equipped to handle a massive bed. And in a bedroom that needs all the space it can get; a day bed makes for a great alternative.

If you don’t have a guest room, this style of bed can come in handy in your living room. It is all about being resourceful and a day bed is precisely that.

Mount Your TV

Generally speaking, a media console is a huge waste of space in a small living room. Mounting your TV to the wall or above a fireplace can help you regain some of that necessary floor space and help to make the room feel bigger.

Not only that, a mounted television is sleek and seamless looking. Running your cables through the wall and into your accessories can give the space a clean, futuristic look that is all the rage these days.

Multiple Functionality

For particularly tight spaces, having pieces that can serve multiple purposes can be a huge space saver without sacrificing functionality. Maybe you have at able that functions as a desk or a sofa that can double as a guest bed.

Having multi-purpose furniture can fit into your space, giving you space without the need to rid yourself of functionality.

Use Mirrors

There are tried and true methods of making even the smallest of spaces seem larger than they are. One of those tricks is to use mirrors throughout the space. This is because mirrors can make the space feel larger, airier, and lighter thanks to the distribution of light.

You can even add some personality with a convex mirror that provides a unique aesthetic without taking up a whole lot of space. That is a win for small spaces that can’t sacrifice any additional area.

Use Neutral Colors

Another “trick” to make space feel bigger than it might be is to implement neutral colors. This is because even-toned rooms can trick the eye into thinking space is much bigger and spacious than it really is.

You can even add a variety of textures throughout the room to keep the space from feeling too flat or boring, giving it a little bit of pop without sacrificing any of that valuable real estate that you worked so hard to create.

Customize Your Storage

Storage is a huge battle in a small space if done improperly. That is why implementing storage nooks, built-ins, and furniture that can handle storage are so essential. And when they’re part of the walls, you lose even less square footage.

Try using benches with storage underneath. Beds can function much the same. It’s about finding storage where it may not have been possible previously.

Use All Surface Areas

If you are not a fan of clutter, this can be troublesome but making the most use out of every surface area is a great way to keep more in your home without it feeling too cluttered. Think about keeping lamps and other items on windowsills.

This also means that you won’t need an additional table, either. That’s more square footage for you to take advantage of.

Invest in a Wall Desk

Maybe you work from home and want a desk but don’t think you have the space. There are wall desks available that mount to your wall and fold up when you aren’t using it. You can use a chair from a nearby area when in use.

These desks may also come with shelves for additional storage capabilities, really making the most out of your wall space. It’s all about having versatile and useful areas throughout the home that won’t waste space.

Think Higher

One of the most under-utilized spaces are those on top of cabinets or bookcases. There is often a gap between the top of these fixtures and the ceiling of the room, making for additional storage space if properly utilized.

If you want to implement some additional design pieces or need a place to put books or items you don’t need daily, storing them on top of fixtures or bookcases is a great solution for that. Again, it’s about making use of every inch of your space.

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    May 6, 2020 at 10:56 am

    I think having a wall garden for small plants is a great idea. I just wish I had the discipline to follow through and complete it. It would be great for growing herbs you use for foods.

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