10 Part Series: How To Live on Less ~ Introduction

10 Part Series: How To Live on Less ~ Introduction
10 Part Series: How To Live on Less ~ Introduction


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    We are going to re-run series that we did almost 3 years ago. This will be a 10-Part Series titled “How To Live On Less”.

    Before Mike and I started Mojo Savings, we owned a couple of businesses. With the downfall of the economy, so went our businesses. We found ourselves having to fold our primary business which was our main source of income. We were in a bind. Our second business was no where near where we needed it to be, although it was growing. We had to cut our spending – and fast!

    We weren’t extravagant with our spending by any means, but as we really delved into our budget, we were amazed at what we found.

    This series comes directly from what we went through, what we learned and what we did to make it work.

    This 10-Part Series will include topics concerning clothing, stockpiling, home expenses, groceries and non-essentials, coupons, frugal meals and much more.

    Whether you find yourself in a similar situation as we were in, or are facing unemployment or just want to shave some off your budget – we believe you will benefit from this series.

    Stay tuned as we walk with you on this journey of saving.

    Feel free to leave comments on things that have worked for you or any questions you may have for us. Your input is more than welcome!

    1. Sorry to hear about your situration. Unfortunatly you are not alone. In short first I got sick, the company I workd for went out of business. My husband was a carpenter, of course the housing industry tanked. Luckily we were able to get him on early retirement for income and for insurance. I of course due to the cancer am now on disablity. But life goes on and so do those bills comming in. First as you many years ago I did coupons. We as you see are back to that . Have to its the non regular incomming bill. Ok we know how to save there. Another big hit we cut was the phone bills. Home phone, 3 cell phones. Look at your packages! We saved over $100 a month now by piggy backing on my daughters account. Secondly NO SMOKING….just burning up the money and pitching that in the garbage. HUGE SAVINGS ! Check what your paying on your cable, and internet. Ohhhhh yes they will bargain to keep your business. Oooops forgot to say the home phone even gave us 6 months for FREE! Car insurance ect, check those for price comparisons. We were good and stayed with the same company but this too might suprise you for what you pay. Ok thats my tips for now or I’ll be writting the series LOL. Hang in there everyone …..as they say…this too shall pass !

    2. I called my auto insurance carrier to have our deductible raised from $500 to $1000. (We have that in our emergency fund) It saved us about $50 a month. Then I inquired about renters insurance. For $20,000 content coverage (among other things) it would cost about $15 a month, but would receive a discount on the auto insurance which was the same amount! So I lowered our auto insurance and received renters insurance while saving money on our monthly budget!

    3. Thank you so much for doing this series for us!! In this ecomony situation right now, that’s what we really want. Looking forward to it!!

    4. Five years ago, my family of 4 lived off of $14,700 a year. Even though my husband had a state job, the pay was horrible. We both did odd jobs for extra money, but we still had to scrimp on everything just to make ends meet. Through those rough few years, I learned how to live a very frugal lifestyle. But it wasn’t until recently that I started clipping coupons, thanks to your website. And although we make better money now, I still use the same techniques that I used 5 years ago. Being frugal has helped my family tremendously and I’m always looking for new ideas or advice. So I’m looking forward to your 10-part series because not only will it benefit me and my family, but it will benefit other families who really needs it.

    5. cant wait to hear more of your great tips!

    6. I thought of another one for those of you without insuance. Don’t forget to ask you doctors for the free samples they have. Belive me they have a ton. Daughter is bi-polar, had lost her job too at one time. Doctor for a few months gave her the medication she needed. I’m not kidding when I say it was over $500 a bag for these drugs. ASK !

    7. As for the biggies car payments. When I had called about the car insurance he also told me I had alot of cash value built up in life insurance. I forget now how much but was able to take that cash value out of there WITHOUT effecting my life coverage. We were tight so I took that and paid off to eliminate car payments. However you can look into this and maybe even turn that over to IRA ect to make your money work for you instead of sitting there. Mortgage the other biggie anytime you can drop at least a point and a half in interest REFINANCE ! I know family who are paying right now over 5% than they should be….and i sit and ask WHY?????

    8. Wow! These are all great suggestions. Thank you for all your comments, and keep them coming! Part 1 will be up later today. Stay tuned.

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