Jingit: Earn Money by Watching Ads, Checking In and more!

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Jingit: Earn Money by Watching Ads, Taking Surveys and more!

Have you heard of Jingit?

Jingit is a site that allows you to earn cash for watching ads online, checking in with the app, taking surveys and shopping for products.

Simply sign in with your existing Facebook account (yes, you have to have a Facebook account), then complete the 30 second registration process and start earning. No social security numbers required, and Jingit will not sell or share your personal info.

It is so simple. Just watch the video – earn the cash!

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  1. amayaa82@hotmail.com says

    If you want to spend your earnings like cash then you need to accumulate at least $3.00 in earnings & then purchase the Jingit Visa card that they can then load any additional earnings onto & you can then spend it anywhere that accepts Visa. When purchasing the Visa they require your SSN#. The price for the card just went from $2 to $3 as of today. I’ve only been a member since Wednesday.

  2. Ellen says

    I’ve been a member of Jingit for about a month. It’s really easy and I’ve made almost $10 so far, but without a smartphone that you can scan and do the in store check ins, you don’t earn much (I can’t do in store check ins). Very worth it, but it’s still very new and should get better with time (hopefully).

  3. steph says

    I was going to comment also that if you want the debit card they do ask for a social security number and you have to be approved for the card. :)

  4. britney jean hedrick says

    Wow I dont have a smart phone and i have had jing it for a week and have only earned 90 cents :( when do new videos get posted? is that the only way to earn without a smart phone? I hope not if anyone has any info please please email me brit691@live.com It would be greatly appreciated I was about to give up on Jingit until I read your comments!

  5. Lori says

    Isn’t that a monthly fee for the card? The point is moot anyway, I haven’t earned enough to amount to anything. They rarely post new videos and when I have tried to scan items in the store it always says the item is wrong and does not give me credit. Also a new Walmart has been in the area for more than a year and it is not on their radar. Congrats to people who this is actually working for.

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