FAQ: How Does a BOGO Free Sale Work With a BOGO Free Coupon?

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I have been getting this question asked a lot these last few days and thought I would go ahead and post the answer for anyone else who may be wondering.

This concept took me a while to grasp when I first started out in the couponing world, so don’t feel bad if it has you perplexed.

When a store runs a BOGO Free sale on product (A) and you have a coupon for a BOGO Free product (A), you will get 2 product (A’s) for Free.

Now, how does that work? The store takes the hit on the free product from the store sale. The manufacturer takes the hit on the free product from the coupon. The store will still get payment for the product because the manufacturer compensates them for the coupon when they turn them in.

That being said, it will really depend on your store’s manager and the cashier you are dealing with and the store’s policies they have in place. For instance, I have one CVS near me that will not accept a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale. However, the one down the street does!

Now, if it is a BOGO 50% off sale and you have a BOGO Free coupon, you would only pay for the 50% off item.

Now, again, this is going to highly depend on your store manager and cashiers.

Do you have other questions you would like to see answered? If so, leave them in the comment field and we will try to get to them all!

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  1. Andrea Howard says

    What about using a BOGO manufacture coupon and a regular manufacture coupon for the one you are buying?

    • Mike & Lisa says

      Yes, you can use one mfc along with a BOGO Free coupon. The mfc will go towards the product you are paying for.

      (I am assuming you meant not in conjunction with a BOGO sale)


  2. sarah says

    The last time I had a bogo coupon, I got 4 of the product….paid for 1 and got the other three free…..buy one, get one…so if you buy 2 and get 2 free off the stores sale, then the second one you are buying should be free off the coupon. Does that make sense? It works for me! :)

  3. Audrey says

    At certain stores, like Kroger, when they say “BOGO”, they actually charge both products half price, so you only get one idem for free if you have a BOGO coupon.

    • Mike & Lisa says

      That is true, some stores do that so it is always good to know your particular stores policies.

  4. rebecca says

    I went to a Walgreens near me and the manager said I was commiting fraud by using the bogo coupon along with the bogo sale. If this was true, it would be stated on the coupon. I think he needs a lesson on extreme couponing! :)

  5. Eros says

    This question is off-topic, but I couldn’t pass up the invitation to ask…I do not get a Sunday paper, but I do get coupons from Smart Source in the mail. Sometimes the coupons match up with the insert dates given on this site for a particular product & sometimes they don’t. I’m trying to get organized, but finding it to be difficult, confusing, & time consuming. Any suggestions?

    • Mike & Lisa says

      You know, we get most of our coupons from friends and family. If you have any that live near you and get a paper, you may want to ask them for their inserts to help increase your stash. As far as the weekly coupons not matching, I’m not really sure what to tell you. I use printable coupons as much as possible. I keep my coupons organized it a small box with dividers (My Coupon Keeper). I find it works very well for me. Then, when I get ready to go shop, all I have to do is look in the folder files to find my matching coupons (and it doesn’t really matter the date of the coupon). Hope that helps some…lol

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