25 Nail Hacks for Nail Polish + More!

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25 Nail Hacks for Nail Polish + More!

Need some additional beauty hacks or tricks? If so, then check out 25 Nail Hacks for Nail Polish, Nail Art & Cuticle Care!

  1. You can use foil wraps to take off glitter nail polish.
  2. Have too much nail polish? If so, check out another bloggers swatch method!
  3. You can use petroleum jelly to keep nail polish off your skin.
  4. Have no petroleum jelly? You can use Elmer’s Glue to keep nail polish off your skin!
  5. Want to make your own nail polish remover? If so, mix acetone with glycerin.
  6. Check out this bloggers own tools for nail art. It looks incredibly easy!
  7. If you want your nails to look professionally done, then use super-fast drying top coat.
  8. Don’t have time to wait for your nails to dry? If so, you can use Jamberry nail art stickers! SO cute!
  9. Visit this link for a special way to thin nail polish.
  10. Check out this bloggers own nail polish remover jar. Wouldn’t this be a neat idea?!
  11. Use a hole reinforcements for a French manicure.
  12. Check out this easy way to un-stick a nail polish lid.
  13. View this graphic to show how to get full coverage polish on your nails.
  14. If you stick your hands in ice water, then use nail polish to have your nails dry fast.
  15. Did you know that you could whiten your nails with toothpaste?! How neat!
  16. Check out this DIY Ombre nails tutorial from another blogger!
  17. To make cute shapes on your nails, use a hole punch and tape.
  18. If you wrap your fingernail tips, your nail polish will last longer.
  19. An easy way to take off nail polish on your cuticles is to use a Q-Tip dipped in nail polish remover.
  20. To avoid bubbles on your nails from polish, roll your bottle instead of shaking it.
  21. Wanting to have neon nails? If so, use white nail polish as a base coat prior to using your fun colors.
  22. If you spray wet nails with cooking spray, then your polish will dry faster. Who knew?
  23. Your nails will look better if you dab glitter on them, instead of swiping it on.
  24. You can lick your finder to fix a smudged nail, that’s crazy!
  25. Last but not least, you can use a teabag to mend a broken nail!


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